Ooh, lights!

People are very impressed by electricity in Summer Bay; fairy lights have long been a popular seduction tool. Tamara upped the ante and threw in a few baubles, and Casey was blown away. Cue romance!

Bianca met the Mangrove River head teacher, who presumed she’d be principal in Summer Bay too. She also taught Heath when he was a pup, and thinks he’s a total dope. Not very teacherly. Heath is hitting the books in an effort to prove her wrong.

Nina dumped Jett. It turned out her parents are sending her to boarding school so she doesn’t have to mix with the Mangrove River brats

Every time Casey and Tamara kiss, Kyle just *coincidentally* happens to be there. Robyn advised him to use a sob story to impress Tamara, just like she did with Chris. She told him her dad died. What a mega wagon. Kyle ratted her out straight away though. Indi was raging.

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