The rescue attempt

Sasha is not happy with seeing  Spencer throw his life away in the cult. She went to confront him about it but he’s bought into their “evolvement” process, he’s drinking the cultish kool-aid.  Sasha was asked to leave but Evelyn told her that she will try to help Spencer on the inside.  Sasha told Oscar that Evelyn misses him, the twins are finding it hard to live apart.  Spencer was asked to go on their next discovery weekend and Evelyn asked if she could go too, hopefully she’ll be rescued before it gets too hairy.

Heath continued on his quest to become the new Brax.  He even called a family meeting to discuss reopening or selling Angelo’s.  Casey voted for reopening so they’re all going to get their old jobs back and Kyle is still the manager.  Heath may be doing a good job as boss of the family but he has knocked his study idea on the head and threw his fitness instructor books out.  Kyle found them and showed Bianca so the cat is out of the bag now, she knows her fella is trying to de-stupify himself and she’s proud.

Bianca has the department in her ear over taking in children from the Mangrove River school.  Maybe this could be an excuse for introducing some troubled teens?





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  1. Yabbie Creeker Avatar
    Yabbie Creeker

    Yay to troubled teens and cults

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