I want to be friends with Dex on Facebook

Dex and the Doc are engaged; he couldn’t contain himself and posted the news on Facebook before they had a chance to tell anyone in person. April wasn’t too pleased but got over it quickly enough. However, when Dr. Weird Accent wasn’t overly enthused about the subject of marriage, she questioned their decision a bit. Expect more will-they-won’t-they, until they finally do.

Josh is in a bad way in the hospital but he has Actual-Good-Nurse Hannah looking after him, and Ricky hovering nearby, so he should be right.

Spencer delivered Evelyn’s note to Oscar. In it, she warned Oscar not to let Spencer go on the retreat. She could have just told him that in person. Anyway, the discovery weekend is coming up, and Evelyn is guest of honour. Another cult-lady told her it was terrible, but wouldn’t divulge what went on. Evelyn is too young to have watched H&A in the good old cult days of Saul and Mumma Rose, so she doesn’t know creepy cults = teenage pregnancies. Here’s hoping Hannah, Zac and Oscar save the day (and buy her a new wardrobe).





3 responses to “I want to be friends with Dex on Facebook”

  1. Justice Bellingham Avatar
    Justice Bellingham

    I love Dr Weird Accent and his beautiful eyelashes!
    Josh is doing the best hospital patient acting since Beeyonka was having pre-eclampsia seizures.

  2. coppertop Avatar

    Josh is normally a bad actor but he does ‘my mother shot me and my lungs are not fully inflated’ very well. Casey should get tips from Josh for his next stabbing or shooting episode.

    Hannah is also a lousy actress but she does ‘im a new and caring nurse in a new hospital quite well.’ There must’ve been a special on ‘how to be a believable doc/nurse’ acting course in the city. Sweet!

  3. Yabbie Creeker Avatar
    Yabbie Creeker

    I reckon Josh doesnt want Ricky near him as she has to be smelly. Serious health hazard.. Even Brax has a shower in prison, Ricky is still wearing the same clothes, and keeps kicking her shoes off! Ah Ricky have a shower instead of keeping a vigil outside his room.
    I agree great acting out of Josh, love that he had to make his point while continuing to cough! Potential love interest for April with Dr. Sexy???

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