Endings and engagements

Indi took possession of Romeo’s ashes, and found a letter for her amongst his stuff. He wanted his ashes sprinkled in the sea so they all went to the cliff top and threw him into the surf. I half expected them to feature a ghost surfer in the distance, going out to sea. No sign of Dr. Sid to help his daughter through this difficult period.

Leah spent the day looking after Oscar, he’s lonely without Evelyn. She is having a great time in her crazy cult and their newest recruit is Spencer. He thinks that brand of “self-improvement” will help him to deal with his illness without medication, I doubt it will be that simple.

Hannah started work in the hospital. April was there at work but left to be with Dex and Indi. The memorial service made him think about popping the question again and this time she said yes. I knew it was only a matter of time with those kids.





8 responses to “Endings and engagements”

  1. Justice Bellingham Avatar
    Justice Bellingham

    I spent most of the second half of the episode crying. You’d think they would have asked Luke Mitchell before he left to record a voiceover for the letter rather than Dex reading it. Though that would probably have pushed me completely over the edge.

  2. Yabbie Creeker Avatar
    Yabbie Creeker

    It was really sad, watched it in the gym, bad move 🙂 How come the present that was in the bag is now in the drawer?

  3. coppertop Avatar

    It’s only back two days and I’ve cried during both episodes. I was hearing Romeo’s voice in my head when Dexter was reading. Has anyone seen Luke in the Tomorrow People? Weird hearing him with an Americsn accent.
    Evelyn’s pants are horrendous!

  4. Justice Bellingham Avatar
    Justice Bellingham

    Evelyn’s pants match a waistcoat Angel wore 20yrs ago. Pic of it is on the fb page. Think his wedding ring was in the box.

  5. Ailsa Avatar

    I also think his wedding ring was in the box. Which was a bit mean.

  6. PeterKevin Avatar

    Sorry to be heartless but that whole ashes thing left me unmoved. Romeo had all these great words about love and life and yet he treated Indi so badly in the end. Selfish, selfish guy.

    Where was Mink, has she ever been mentioned in all this storyline?

    I preferred the Believers to this self help new crowd.

  7. gillian Avatar

    i was also teary eyed, poor indi, although she took off her ring pretty damn quickly!

  8. coppertop Avatar

    There hasn’t been a mention of Mink since she ran off with Romeo’s money.

    Indi parted with her rings very swiftly. Betcha she’ll be high galar next week and all over Chris. Wouldn’t be surprised if another engagement happens.

    Bad form for H&A producers not to bring Sid back for Romeo’s ashes ceremony. They were best buds.

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