Let joy be unconfined

TBTG, Home and Away is back; we haven’t seen Brax, Jett and the gang since 2013. The elder Braxton has gone to jail for at least 10 years and the rest of them don’t know what to be at. Heath is pretending to be a grown-up; he even defended the medical profession at one point, which must be a first. Ricky is a basket case, and can’t handle her man being banged up at all.

Jaily Jaily Brax Brax
Jaily Jaily Brax Brax

Hannah is a nurse, apparently. She helped out when Josh arrived in hospital, thanks to his mam’s fondness for handguns. So that crowd are sticking around, Hannah, Oscar and Evelyn of the shocking attire.

Jett wants John to tell Marilyn he’s only mad about her. John doesn’t want to let Gina go. Eh, John, this is Summer Bay; you’re only expected to mourn for 8-10 episodes.






5 responses to “Let joy be unconfined”

  1. Bustothecity Avatar

    Brax to get out of jail in about 5 episodes and the youg-fla, Maddies fella, whats-his-name, next for the wall of death.

  2. Yabbie Creeker Avatar
    Yabbie Creeker

    Ha, I am going to give Brax about 2 weeks in jail before he is freed on a technicality. The dark green isn’t a great colour on Brax, Even with Ricky in turmoil, she still managed to shorten Maddie’s name to Mad’s, which I think is perfectly apt.. Evelyn is deadly at drawing, Hannah has shark eyes and Oscar is annoying.

  3. coppertop Avatar

    Brax’s cell doesn’t look too shabby. He has a corner room all to himself. Already have had enough of overly expressive Hannah. Soo happy to see Jett and JP again.

  4. Ailsa Avatar

    We haven’t had a daycent artist since Hayley I’d say. Hannah is not the best at the oul acting

  5. Yabbie Creeker Avatar
    Yabbie Creeker

    Thats right Ailsa, Hayley did that picture of Noah that was in the surf club bar.. Wonder where that is now?

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