Brax goes inside

Josh and Andy’s ma took a shot at Brax but managed to shoot her Josh instead.  Not her best ever move I would imagine.  Brax will have to mull it over in jail as he makes friends with his new friends inside.  He told Ricky to take care of Josh but that make not take long if he dies before he gets out of jail.

Marilyn saved John from choking in the diner, she knew it was going to happen as she had one of her occasional psychic feelings.  Maybe she’s been using the dark arts again?

Maddy has returned home.  Roo told her that Alf felt bad about giving out to her but they managed to kiss and make up.  Alf is fairly shook by Romeo’s passing away and is going to head off to Sally and Pippa in the US.  Imagine Alf stateside, he’ll probably come back in cowboy gear or an L.A. gang member.

We’ll have to wait a month to find out how it all turns out, RTE are taking a break from the show for a month.

6 thoughts on “Brax goes inside”

  1. It’s been left on a tense enough cliffhanger for us given that that’s not even the season finale.
    Very disappointed that Cheryl was silent in that episode. Her putdowns are hilarious.

  2. I HATE the seasonal break. Finally have time off to watch Home and Away and they take it off air. Its just cruel!!

  3. I know! We’ll have to just support each other through the tough days of waiting on here!
    Sad to see Romeo joining the RIP list on the right.

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