Dr. Bradley’s Dastardly Break-Up

Evil Dr. Bradley heard April and Dex gossiping one time too many and now is demanding one of them leave Summer Bay General. Fairly sure she could be done for unfair dismissal there.

Bianca doesn’t want to be known as Mrs. Braxton. Really, she doesn’t want to be in the same category as Cheryl. She’ll come around, though; my money is on her getting a blood and sand tattoo by the end of the week.

No sign of Spencil Hill and his manic behaviour in that episode; he’s off the meds that no-one mentioned since he arrived. Maybe he was climbing Stewart’s Point blindfolded or running to The City, or being generally giddy off-camera.

Ricky coaxed Tamara into visiting Casey in hospital. She did some mighty flirting when she got there. If anyone can get Case into a wheelchair, it’s her.

Brax has inexplicably left the Bay for a while. We know where he’s really gone – on a nightclub tour of Ireland!





2 responses to “Dr. Bradley’s Dastardly Break-Up”

  1. ME Avatar

    Can’t stand Tamara and Casey they are so annoying and have no chemistry at least with Kyle I can tolerated her.

  2. Strikemeroan Avatar

    Spencil Hill – ahahahahahaaaa

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