Vogue does Home and Away

…is on tonight (RTE Two, 9.55). We didn’t make the cut but I’m sure there are plenty of wonderful insights into the world of Summer Bay, or at least, some sunny scenes to warm us up on this cold November evening.

Details are here.

In the words of the woman herself,


7 responses to “Vogue does Home and Away”

  1. Strikemeroan Avatar

    Way too much Vogue, not enough clips of stars in dodgy 90s hairdos & make up. Not interested in Vogue’s actress/model/whatever career! I want a remake with Nuala Carey presenting. She was good craic.

  2. gillian Avatar

    ya i do like vogue but there was too much vogue’s career in it, i dont want to see the fair city set, brian mcfadden or vogues schoolfriends. i think each little part was too short also, not enough home and away at all at all!

  3. PeterKevin Avatar

    Absolutely way too much Vogue and not enough of the excellent H & A people, fab scenery and iconic locations.

    I’d forgotten some of the characters but we needed more clips and a look at some of the issues that they dealt with over the years. Loved seeing the Summer bay Stalker and Rocco storylines again.

    Obviously tis Vogue auditioning to get work on TV. She has a long, long way to go.

    Agree, Nuala would have been 100% better.

  4. Ailsa Avatar

    A sequel with Nuala would be class. She already has the telly authority.

  5. coppertop Avatar

    I watched it today and thought it was crap. I don’t care about Vogue trying to surf, act, do an Australian accent not to mention meeting her husband, meeting her friends and changing her outfit a dozen times for one show. It should’ve been called ‘Reality bites: Vogue.’ She came across as a lovely girl but not someone who is a genuine Home and Away fan. Nuala Carey would’ve asked the tough questions and driven the cast mad with her knowledge of H&A storylines and inconsistencies. She would’ve done a better job as she is a die-hard fan. Why was the King of the Bay not interviewed?!! Disappointed. The fans who write on this blog would’ve made a better and funnier go at 25 years of Home and Away.

  6. Ailsa Avatar

    I think originally they were going to try and get Vogue on Home and Away, hence the Vogue-centred stuff.

    I agree, our commenters would be brilliant at this though, I’m in stitches half the time reading the comments!

  7. Strikemeroan Avatar

    I’d say Sally/Kate R put a stop to any chance of Vogue being on H&A after listening to her humblebrag about having ‘no boobs’ – right after Kate talked about how embarrassing it was going through fluctuating-size puberty on the show. Definite chilling of the mood in that interview after that!

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