Casey topless in hospital…

November 4th, 2013 by Ailsa

…AGAIN! Mean Dr. Bradley basically said “Not you again”. If only Heath weren’t on honeymoon, he would have sorted her right out. Brax just doesn’t have the same distain for authority.

Casey might be paralysed. If he is, he’ll be shipped off to the Whitsundays a la Seb. I’d say young Braxton will live to bash another day.

Winston is broke. He told Harvey after he nearly poisoned him with a super-hot chilli. Harvey right straight for the little boy’s room. He did a very peculiar run, see:

John Palmer doesn’t like Winston sniffing around Marilyn. Might his true feelings for her finally bubble to the surface? Hmm?

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3 Responses to “Casey topless in hospital…”

  1. Strikemeroan Says:

    Love Dr Bradley’s super-bitchy bedtime manner. That’ll stop Casey being so accident-prone.

  2. PeterKevin Says:

    I suppose they’ll have to replace the Xavier wing of Northern Districts Hospital with the Casey wing.

    Love Dr.Bradley.

  3. Cantstandxavier Says:

    Anyone notice they played a song by little green cars Irish band in the diner?

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