Well, you would swear Bianca was marrying into an exotic tribe, the way the Braxtons were going on. Blood and Sand bracelets and meaningful surfs a go go.


Bianca – great
April – shocking
Tamara – good
Maddie – no
Cheryl – throw a gĂșna on, FFS
Roo – didn’t spot it but no doubt massive

3 thoughts on “Tribal”

  1. You forgot Ricky… I think she just recycled the dress from the first wedding.. everyone else seemed to have a different one on!

  2. I spotted Roo at the reception on the beach. She was standing in the background with unknown guests and yes she was wearing a very floaty and massive maxi dress.

  3. There have been loads of extras on h&a lately. The couple plating cards in the caravan park were on the screen for around 20 seconds!!

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