Soft Touch

Bianca had some class of extreme character arc there, I think her thought process was as follows:

  • It’s over with Heath, I’ll kiss Zac
  • Ah no, I won’t
  • Heath’s leaving town, no probs, that’s fine
  • I’ll dash to the town limits and get back together with him

Time to go back to the brain doctor I think…

Indi and Chris are getting stuck in; Spencer caught them at each other in the office at the gym. Sasha is still unimpressed.





4 responses to “Soft Touch”

  1. Strikemeroan Avatar

    When Bianca was looking wistfully at her engagement ring I couldn’t help but wonder if she has three separate rings from her three engagements, or is she being thrifty and using the same one every time? That ring looked too fancy for Heath or Liam to afford – it has the bang of Prince Vittorio off it.

  2. coppertop Avatar

    Heath didn’t buy that ring. Alfred’s sister Celia gave Heathcliffe to propose properly to Beeyonka. That was after many, many times of insulting the poor fella and saying he wasn’t good enough for Beeyonka. In 3 years Beeyonka has attempted 3 weddings. Ridic.

  3. Ailsa Avatar

    Great ring knowledge there. Can’t believe Alf randomly gave a Stewart ring to a Braxton.

  4. Strikemeroan Avatar

    Oh yeah, I forgot about the Celia ring thing. Well it’s lucky it was given to Bianca before Celia gambled it away.

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