The ghost bus

John, Marilyn and Jett are still trapped in the bush. John headed off to get help from a garage but while Jett and Marilyn were left behind they started talking about Gina and then shazam – the bus started working again. I think the bus is possessed by Gina’s ghost, which should make their tours interesting, if a bit spooky.

Sally is going to take Pippa 2 to the states, against the better judgement of the evil doctor. She had a few more run-ins with April but gave her a lecture where April seemed to take a few points from Dr Bradley. Sometimes doctors have to be tough apparently. She spoke to Tamara and told her it was time she made up her mind on Casey and Kyle, which bro will she go for, “Crazy Eyes” or “Jutting Jaw”?

2 thoughts on “The ghost bus”

  1. the bosses at H&A love bringing back characters in form of random things, a fridge and now a bus!!

  2. More Dr. Bradley please. I like her no-nonsense attitude.

    Also loved Ghost Bus Gina, imagine the marketing possibilities. Come and take a ride on board Gina the Ghost Bus.

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