New lows for the loser

Casey is telling everybody to get lost. Brax, Ricky, Tamara, they can all go to hell. The only person he’s getting on with now is Maddy. They went clubbing and then fell into the water on the beach the following morning. Maddy got some serve when she went home. Brax was worried about Sad Casey and sent Tamara over to chat to him. She couldn’t get through to him, he doesn’t want to listen to her, or anyone. She told him to get on with his life, he’s driving everyone away but he’s grand, he has the booze to keep him company. He tried it on with Maddy, but she told him where to go, even she’s copped onto his loserdom. She tried to get him to stop drinking, like Elizabeth Shue to Nicholas Cage in Leaving Las Vegas.

April is still having problems with her bitchy boss, Dr. Bradley. Who cares? I don’t, it’s very boring.

Sally is trying to sell her house, by walking around town looking for buyers, a novel approach to real estate. Alf and Sally took Pippa 2 out on the Blaxland for a boat trip, happy days. Pippa 2 wants to be a pirate when she grows up, should be if rather than when. Alf is selling the boat so that Sally will have the money to take her to hospital in the states, happier days ahead.

2 thoughts on “New lows for the loser”

  1. Yes, she has a very wagony face. I hope she gets more storylines. I would like to see her in the diner giving Irene and Marilyn the cold shoulder.

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