A pocket full of what-ifs and if-onlys

Oh my Gawdfather. Irene advised Marilyn to follow her heart (girlie) and tell John she fancies him. So, off Marilyn went, full of bravado, and asked John to be her partner…in a tourist bus business. Those tours will be some crack, and probably full of Irish people trying to get a look at Brax.

New Dr. Ms. Bradley hates April, and loves Dex. She’ll be trying to entice him back into the supply closet. April refused to work for 48 hours on the trot, and Bradley said “off you go love, but don’t bother your hoop coming back”. FIGHT!

Roo and Sally nearly put everyone in a coma fighting over who would stay in the house, and who in a van. Roo won. She can fairly pull a convincing argument out of her massive dress when she wants to.





6 responses to “A pocket full of what-ifs and if-onlys”

  1. Strikemeroan Avatar

    Loved Marilyn’s flustered misquoting of Irene’s maxim ‘you can’t have if onlys in your pearly pockets’ – giving Colleen a run for her money!

  2. Yabbie Creeker Avatar
    Yabbie Creeker

    Really thought that Sally and Pippa would move in with Irene, as she has been looking like she needs company recently.. maybe Roo and her massive dresses and Harvey will soon tire of the van and move in there instead.

  3. PeterKevin Avatar

    I think I’ve asked this before but what do Roo & Harve actually do? She does a bit at the Diner but what else do they work at? (Other than Whiny-Misery-Maddiewatch for which I assume they are not paid……..)

  4. Ailsa Avatar

    Absolutely no idea, although I think Harvey might work on the boat. Doing what, I can’t be sure.

  5. coppertop Avatar

    Harvey always seems to be cleaning small báids outside the Bait Shop. I thought he started that because he’d to pay The King of the Bay back for paying for their wedding. Other than that and Maxi Massive Dress Roo doing the odd scene at that Diner, I think they help out at the Caravan Park. Where does all the money they make at the Caravan Park go to? Do Sally and Myles get it or is it all Alf’s?

    Whiny-Misery-Maddiewatch!! Brilliant PeterKevin. I’m so sick of her and Casey and Tedious Tamara.

  6. Justice Bellingham Avatar
    Justice Bellingham

    Exactly YC! Irene is only the lonely in the Beach House, surely Sally and Pip or Roo and Harve could move in with her rather than living in a caravan.

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