Sad case

Casey’s depressed so he’s resorted to the only logical solution to make things better, hit the grog at work. What a great plan? He’s a smart fella. It was all going swimmingly until Maddy decided to take a swig out of it on the beach. She confronted him over it and he agreed to give her a drink, the fool. The two of them went on the lock in the gym and got wasted. Roo found them there and was unimpressed. Casey is a dead man, he deserves to be fired if not jail for letting a minor get drunk on the premises. Roo gave Maddy a serve but she turned it back on Roo.

April has a new boss at work who’s a dragon. She treating April badly and April is going to extreme lengths to impress her. This is going to end badly.

VJ apologised to Nina for accusing her in the wrong, she never stole his Pokemon card in the first place. The kids are all mates again except for Jett who’s in the dog house with Nina. He’s been dumped and she won’t take him back. What if Veej and Nina end up going out? Poor Jett will freak out.

4 thoughts on “Sad case”

  1. Drunk Casey is fun. He does seem happier on the grog alright.

    Drunk Maddie is just a complete pain the a*** so no change there then.

    Poor old April. I can see her back on the meds to keep awake while she tries to please Dr. Slave Driver. Maybe April needs to go on strike ,she could get some Irish doctors out there to join her on the picket line.

    Pokemon cards? Ebay ? Yawn , Yawn. Get to the real question, why is JP broke? Would he not have got a few bob from Gina’s life insurance policy? Unless she left it all to her invisible sons of course.

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