Summer Bay Commune is a go!

So, Sally needed to sell the caravan park to raise funds to cure Pippa in America. Alf tasked his housemates with selling the joint. They had some mad ideas. Roo was launching a marketing campaign, Harvey suggested some “creative accounting” and Marilyn was trying to flog it down the diner. It seems like none of them have ever heard of an estate agent.

The gang gave their hare-brained scheme a half-day to work, then decided they’d buy the gaff themselves. Now, what bank gave them a mortgage? Alf is retirement age, Marilyn is half-waitress, half-hairdresser, and it seems that Roo and Harvey don’t have jobs. Strewth. Anyway, Sally is delighted, she’ll be out of there like a shot now.

Heath and Bianca are mates again, but Zac now fancies Bianca. This does not bode well. Also, since when is Zac a personal trainer? Did I miss that development?

Brax and Ricky got the glad rags on for their day in court. Brax threw a spanner in the legal works by refusing to testify against Ricky. Will he go to jail now too?

Maddie gave Sasha her blessing to go for it with Spencer. Zzzzzzz. That’s two episodes in a row now that Maddie has cried.






4 responses to “Summer Bay Commune is a go!”

  1. coppertop Avatar

    I’m sick of Maddening Maddie crying. She isn’t even any good at crying. She rarely has tears and and just makes sniffle noises. The could at least fire some water on her face before the scenes. I dunno how Roo puts up with her. Maddening Maddie is just as whingey and annoying as Starey Casey. She doesn’t even know Pippa Beag!!

    Leah needs a storyline fast!

    Zac seems to know how to do everything all of a shot. No mention of Nosey Nat now. She only left about 2 weeks ago and Zac is already horsing after Be-yonka. Has anyone else noticed that Roo says Be-yonka exactly like that?!

  2. Yabbie Creeker Avatar
    Yabbie Creeker

    OH Leah and your knowing looks, no wonder Zach told her to do press ups!! (Yeah what the hell was that about) I refuse to comment any further on the whinging Maddie – so annoying.
    Also Tamara and Kyle – what the hell, she already told Ricky her memory was coming back and then he is telling her not to say anything..

  3. Me Avatar

    @ Yabbie Creeker I don’t think its to do with Ricky I don’t think Kyle/Tamara won’t Casey to find out about her memory returning because he will start bugging/pressuring her about it again.
    UGH fed up of Maddy.

  4. Justice Bellingham Avatar
    Justice Bellingham

    Was watching a Syfy classic today; F6: Twister. Who turns up in it, only Maddening Maddie! She was about a foot taller than the other teenage girls and wearing hotpants so just looked like a drag queen. Not a bad film really even with her being in it and it being a Syfy movie.

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