Sad Sal

Now, we acknowledged that Sally was back, but not why. Wee Pippa is on the way out, life-wise, and Sally wanted her to see the Bay before she popped her clogs.

Sally has no luck. Her fella, Flynn, died just after they got married, and now her daughter is terminally ill.

By the way, “dying”, and “cancer” are two of the best words to say in an Aussie accent, try it there, g’wan. Not that Pippa has cancer. She has, em, something else, and Sally is distraught as she may have to sell the house to pay for Pip’s treatment in America.

Which got me to thinking. Why does Alf live in that house? What happened to the house he used to live in with Ails? Why can’t anyone in the Bay live alone? Why do they all have to live in commune-type scenarios?

And also – who’ll buy the house? I think it’ll be Alf myself. Or perhaps Roo and Harvey will magic up some money and take it over.

No sooner had Sid ‘n Sash left the Bay, than Dex and Indi decided to throw a massive party. It was awesome, we know because Indi proclaimed it so. She packed Casey off to his leaba as he’d had about four beers. He gave her a smooch before he snoozed. She was taken aback, but in the morning she’ll see him in a whole, new, romantic light.





16 responses to “Sad Sal”

  1. Alf jr Avatar
    Alf jr

    Alf moved in to help Sally when Flynn died or was dying I think. And the sneaky gallah just stayed there forever.

  2. Cantstandxavier Avatar

    Looks like Sid took all the colour from the farmhouse with him

  3. strikemeroan Avatar

    It is weird that Alf is king of the caravan park house when you think about it. Maybe he has the right to live in any house as King of the Bay.

  4. Ailsa Avatar

    That would be amazing. Like, he’d stroll into the Braxton house and say “I live here now, I am the newest River Boy”

  5. gilly Avatar

    i’m so sick of all the river boys. i wish they’d all just move back to mangrove river and let alf take back his crown as king of the bay. i feel like every storyline is about them! rant rant!

  6. Yabbie Creeker Avatar
    Yabbie Creeker

    Drunk Casey, how much fun is he? High fiving everyone, wild dancing and drunk kissing Indi! Cant believe Sash is gone, thought that was her at the door but it was the random partygoers. I will miss her madonna gloves and zip ear rings 🙁

  7. PeterKevin Avatar

    Yeah, gilly, well sick of them now and all their carry on and their not thinking straight and Rickys going to jail, blah, blah, blah bladey blah. Who cares ?

    Irene looks like the next wan for the Hospital. I wonder who the new doc will be?

    What was the name of the fella Sally tried and failed to marry ? Super Doc Rachel’s brother?

  8. gilly Avatar

    brad! forgot about him!

  9. Ailsa Avatar

    Drunk Casey is great crack! He livened up that party no end.

  10. Summer_Babe Avatar

    Does anyone think it’s really weird how Pippa actually seems to show no signs whatsoever of the disease she’s suffering from? In all the scenes she seems to be in fine form, running around like a healthy child… they could throw in a few physical signs maybe, make the storyline more realistic??

  11. gilly Avatar

    why can’t sally just have some good luck? they didnt have to make her return storyline so negative. she could have come back for any reason!

  12. PeterKevin Avatar

    Ah yes the bould Brad.I liked him. He went off to Tasmania after being jilted didn’t he?

    its all a tale of woe at the moment at SB house. I thought Roo took particular delight in reminding Leah that she ( Leah) had no money to help Sal as she’d been away for the last 6 months.

    Roo hasn’t exactly been working that much herself over the past while.She seems to have spent most of it stalking Maddening Mad and the Middle aged Spence.

  13. strikemeroan Avatar

    There must be something in the water in Summer Bay – Little Pippa mysteriously lacks symptoms of her mitochondrial whatever-it-is, also Romeo was the healthiest looking terminal cancer patient I’ve ever seen.

  14. coppertop Avatar

    No one in Summer Bay House has even thought of asking Miles if it is alright to sell up. As far as I remember Sally said he was the co-owner when she left. Did big Pippa not buy it back for Sally?? Also should Sally not be contacting big Pippa her foster mother?

    I’d love to know where all the characters were supposed to be getting all this dosh from. It’s like it has only dawned on the writers that not everyone has a constant cash flow and now they’ve made a few of them cash strapped – Sally, JP, Leah.

    You’d miss the Good Doc Walker when you see Casey being such a crap drunk. He does not pull off the act well. The drunken antics should be left to the Good Doc and Marilyn.

    I dunno why Leah had to be told about the illness. I remember that Sally had to have a hysterectomy for some reason but had her eggs frozen and then Sophie agreed to have Sally and Flynn’s baby for them but miscarried. I’m not sure if Leah agreed to do the same. I thought she did so therefore Veej and lil Pip are not related. Leah did go a bit nuts trying to breastfeed lil Pip but sure that’s all forgotten and everyone is friends again.

    Miles should come back. He was great craic. He’d liven up the place again and eat everyone out of house and home. He could teach english again. Serious lack of doctor and teacher characters in the Bay

  15. coppertop Avatar

    Set your tv to record the Saturday Night Show tonight. Katie Ritchie is going to be on the show.

  16. Ailsa Avatar

    Good tip-off there, coppertop. Will blog this.

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