Feng Shui Summer Bay

Marilyn had returned to Summer Bay Caravan Park, but was very down in the dumps. Roo tried to distract her by asking her to feng shui the gaff. Alf even offered to tidy up a bit. It transpired, though, that Marilyn’s blues were caused by her romantic feelings for John. They would make a lovely couple but his wife JUST died, only two months ago lads. COOL THE JETS.

There was a Braxton brother blue/barney/bash-up over Tamara. She just cannot remember Casey. Even when he gets locked and does his starey eyes. She almost left the Bay over the drama but a Kyle-kiss put a stop to that.

Heath is attempting to fill Brax’s shoes while he recuperates in hospital. He’s not doing too bad a job, either; he managed to talk some sense into Casey at one point.

Bianca is being suspiciously nice; she even seems to care about other people now. This is not the Bianca of old. Perhaps the principal position is putting manners on her.





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