Save Miss Scott!

OMG, that was, like, the best worst most successful Summer Bay protest ever. The Department are a bunch of chooks (thank you John Palmer) for falling for that nonsense. So, Bianca stays on as harsh-but-fair Principal Scott. Save Miss Scott!

The last school protest I can remember was Jade’s one where they barricaded themselves into the school and she got expelled in the end. Also, there were protests galore at the “development” in Belle’s day. I wonder what happened to The Development. I bet there’s a multi-storey shopping centre there now.

Tamara likes Kyle, Kyle wants to be loyal to his brother, Leah got involved, Kyle did some renos – he did say renos, I heard him. The renos are the most interesting part of this storyline.

Leah’s house must be only massive – there were six people staying at one point which leads me to believe it’s a 5-bed. That is some prime property she’s got on her hands. Irene’s is quiet in comparison.

Spencer wanted to tell Maddie he’s part of Sasha’s gang now, but her saving of Miss Scott got in the way.

Ricky is leaving town. Nat went to the hospital and told Brax, who nearly arose from his sickbed in panic, despite having only come out of a coma yesterday. That hospital is surely a font of miracles.

Zac confronted Nat about going to visit Brax. “You still love him, eh?”, said Zac, or words to that effect. Nat made this face, I’m not really sure what it means:





4 responses to “Save Miss Scott!”

  1. WheelyBowly Avatar

    Would Spencesha ever just hurry up and tell Moany Maddy, It’s not as if she has any say in it anyway. JP is brilliant, he was the only parent/guardian at the protest. Natalie is trying to be the next Charlie with her wooden face:P

  2. Summer_Babe Avatar

    Did anyone think of “Roo’s Nose” when Spencer told Sasha “Roo knows”?? Hahaha!!!

  3. Roo's Nose Avatar
    Roo’s Nose

    Thanks Summer Babe. It’s nice to be appreciated! Ha ha ha. 😉

  4. Guest Avatar

    Summer_ Babe hahaha!! 🙂

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