Undercover lovers

There was a lot of subterfuge going on in today’s episode:

  • Sasha and Spencer keeping their budding romance secret from Maddy. They came up with all manner of crap excuses to get out of her way and just about succeeded but Roo said they need to fess up asap.
  • Kyle and Tamara got it on with some midnight passion on Leah’s couch. Good thing she’s decided to redecorate, might need some new furniture. Casey somehow resisted the urge to go over and set them straight when he found out they were sleeping under the same roof. There could be another inter-Braxton civil war on the cards.
  • Half the Bay broke into the school under cover of darkness dressed up like something out of Mission Impossible. It’s part of their campaign to get Bianca reinstated as principal. It’s given Maddy something to do and everybody seems to think it’s a great idea, doubt the department will agree.

In other news Ricky went in to see Brax and he told her he loves her and April is concerned about Tamara’s welfare.





3 responses to “Undercover lovers”

  1. coppertop Avatar

    Strewth!!! The KING of the BAY Alfred Stewart is coming this way!! Yahoo!!


    Help! Someone get the Good Doc to check my pulse.

  2. Mattie Hunter Avatar
    Mattie Hunter

    Was it just me or was the scene of Kyle and Tedious Tamara getting it on exactly the same as Casey and Tamara getting it on for the first time when he was still with Sasha and living in that house…are home and away writers really that lazy or are they just trying to be ironic?!

  3. Guest Avatar

    Yeah Mattie was kind of similar but had differences too, Tamara is the one who kissed Kyle while he was talking but with Casey he was the one who kissed her while she was talking and the dialogue was different too. maybe that just something Tamara does. most likely the writers are being ironic.

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