Passion on the pier

Sash and Spencer exchanged a pash on the pier. These two have been flirting and skirting around each other for a while now so it’s good they finally got it on. Indi and Harvey were the cupids of this liaison and everybody seems happy with the results, bar Roo who doesn’t want to be the one who breaks it to Maddie; there will be some amount of moaning out of her.

Leah was freaked out in her own house but Irene calmed her down and she went to the gym for a chat with Indi. This set her straight and she returned home to vandalise the wallpaper in her own home. Maybe she could leave the diner and start a redecorating business.

John got his comeuppance courtesy of Marilyn and Jett. They figured out he was playing up and caught him out. Then they all had a great laugh at John’s foolishness, the old scamp. I reckon he’s going to ask her to move in and she will, the boys need a new doormat to attend to their every whim since Gina passed away.





One response to “Passion on the pier”

  1. PeterKevin Avatar

    Can we now officially call them Spash?

    I reckon that Bianca is heading for the P45 from the principal gig. I can just picture Heath raging at some poor official in the education department when she gets called up for that meeting. It’ll be a change from raging at Sid.

    Poor Leah. First she’s spooked in her own home, then she feels that she needs to go to the gym ( which she clearly doesn’t ) and now she’s tearing down wallpaper for the fun of it. No wonder Veeeeeej looks worried.

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