Leah and Veej return

Emm…we missed Home and Away today, but an ardent fan told us Leah and Veej are back! They’ve been gone since early February; there must be great money in burgers and salads.

Did Leah head straight for the kitchen? Is Irene back too? Was the reunion scene between Veej and Jett heart-warming?






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  1. coppertop Avatar

    It looks like Marilyn has moved in with John and Jett. John is having a great time lying off on the couch. He won’t do any exercise but is well enough to get to the biscuit jar and scoff the lot when he is on his own. Detective Marilyn has copped what John is up to. She either counted the biscuits or asked her cards. Anyway she is planning to get her own back on John with the help of Jett.

    Leah, the Veej and Gawd Save Ireland rocked up at the diner. Everyone squealed with delight. The Veej and Jett hugged. Totes emosh and all that jazz. The Good Doc decided to give an update about Brax and mention Adam shot Brax. Is he allowed to do that?? Patient confidentiality no?! Fair play to ya Doc. Leah nearly dropped!

    The Veej and Jett had a right laugh at Le Harvey running around in Surf Life Saving gear on the beach. Le Harvey doesn’t look the part like John. The teenage duo also had a right look at Indi in a bikini.

    Casey tried to nudge Tedious Tamara into remembering him. He stared at her a lot and pouted. No wonder the poor girl is frightened of him. The beautiful Kyle told Casey that he should probably stay in Brax’ pad while Tedious Tamara gets used to him again. Casey wasn’t happy with his brother’s advice and stared at him for a while. Casey decided he’d upset Tedious Tamara further and suggested he’d sleep in his flat with Tedious Tamara. She was having none of it. Casey decided he’d sleep in the hospital with Brax. Brax is in intensive care Casey!! Hopefully the medical hierarchy (The Good Doc, Dex and April) of Summerbay will stand firm against this obvious breach of hospital rules.

    Leah decided to head home and unpack whilst the Veej and Jett caught up. Leah couldn’t handle being in the house for a minute what with there being a broken kitchen window and the mysterious, gorgeous Kyle wandering around. Kyle calmed her down and left, probably to do more Tedious Tamara comforting. Cue Leah running to Irene’s crying about being afraid of Jamie and Adam. Leah is now staying in Irene’s. Gawd save Irene.

  2. Roo's Nose Avatar
    Roo’s Nose

    So ah Coppertop, was Kyle in the episode at all??

  3. coppertop Avatar

    Roo’s Nose, I dunno what you are insinuating, ahem…ahh Kyle. Sigh. Beautiful. I mean Oi. 🙂

  4. PeterKevin Avatar

    I loved Harvey’s performance on the beach, it was 100% homage to that famous episode of Fr. Ted where the whistle was stolen. Classic.

  5. coppertop Avatar

    PeterKevin that Fr. Ted episode crossed my mind too. I kept expecting him to shout “Fup off!!”

  6. Justice Bellingham Avatar
    Justice Bellingham

    Veej really isn’t growing into his head at all. Says a lot about the actor that he is still credited under Guest Cast while Jett has always been main cast.

  7. WheelyBowly Avatar

    It’s because Felix Dean’s (VJ) parents wont let him sign on as a regular till he finishes his edumacation, the spoilsports.

  8. Ailsa Avatar

    Very good knowledge there, WheelyBowly!

  9. coppertop Avatar

    Could WheelyBowly be a Home and Away insider? Finger on the ‘bay pulse.

  10. WheelyBowly Avatar

    Hahaha I wish, It’s common knowledge on all the sites, Back To The Bay etc:):)

  11. coppertop Avatar

    Oh I was thinking it’s Louise Bowes. Haha.

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