The Grand Finale

Adam’s criminal warehouse was like something out of Homeland. Brax ran in blind to rescue Ricky, even though he knew it was a trap. Adam was waiting for him and shot him in the belly, the low-down dirty rat. “Now I get to watch you die”, Adam said. I wasn’t sure if I was watching the wrong show, maybe this was Love/Hate and not Home and Away.

Cue Brax’s dream, him standing on top of a cliff, looking out to sea. It reminded me of Alf going on his spirit walk as the Aboriginal man years ago after an operation. Ricky called an ambulance for Brax but he was too busy zoning out and dying to pay attention to what was happening in the real world.

They managed to get him to the hospital and April and Dr Sid got to work on him. Heath turned up at the hospital to give Ricky a serve then went off at Dex and April for not being able to predict the future. Ricky got interviewed by the baldy nameless cop and dobbed on her bro. Casey and Kyle should be in the clear now.

Adam managed to walk into the hospital during the night and knocked Heath out with a wrench. Adam was about to kill Brax when ghost Charlie appeared in his dream. She told him to wake up, his eyelids fluttered open for a second, but it didn’t matter. Adam injected some stuff into the patient causing him to go into arrest. Dex disturbed Adam and Heath tackled him, but it could be too late for Darryl. Only ghost Charlie can save him now I reckon.

Zac is in trouble over Holly’s sex attack claims which appeared in the local news. He’s been suspended from school and had a rock thrown through his window. Maddie confronted Holly again but she remains unrepentant over her treatment of Zac.

I loved Alf’s “no flamin worries” and Jett’s “strewth” in yesterday’s episode. He’s developing into a proper Aussie bloke under the old man’s influence.

sick brax
Poor Sick Brax!
What’s this tattoo?
ghost charlie
Ghost Charlie doing a classic Charlieface!





7 responses to “The Grand Finale”

  1. Yabbie Creeker Avatar
    Yabbie Creeker

    haha total classic Charlie, I think the cop’s name is Emerson, heard Heath saying it!

  2. PeterKevin Avatar

    100% classic Charlie. Brilliant!

  3. BusToTheCity Avatar

    Wooden face rides again – we’ve missed her!

  4. Strikemeroan Avatar

    Loved that the paramedics (paros?) referred to Brax getting shot in the ‘abdo’. Is there nothing they won’t abbreviate in the Bay?!

    Brax’s arm tatt looks like Crowded House, which isn’t a very hard rock type band for a River Boy to be a fan of.

  5. Guest Avatar

    I think Brax’s Tatt says One Crowded Hour

  6. Ailsa Avatar

    ABDOS – amazing abbreviation. Because abdomen is so long a word.

  7. Michaela Avatar

    Brax’s tattoo does say One Crowded Hour. It’s the name of a song by Augie March. A very good song, I might add.

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