Tamara taken…

…and I wish they’d friggin’ keep her. Adam’s grand plan is coming to an end, still don’t know what the climax will be though. He keeps just saying BRAX WILL DIE. Yeah right, Ads, we all know Blood and Sand will prevail.

I don’t know what Ricky’s at either. She told Brax the boogeyman is making her do all the bad stuff. Another yeah right for you Ricky – why would you be afraid if you don’t know who’s threatening you? Ah Darryl, Darryl Braxton, open your eyes.

Ricky is joining the hostage hootenanny over at Ads’s house. He’s not letting any of those Sheilas go until Brax shows up to claim them. OI.

April got her dream placement, which sadly, is as Sid’s sidekick. Expect loads of doctor breaks in the ditch with bottles of whiskey, Ms. Scott. Dex is uneasy about the scenario as their relationship has been forged anew. I hope he can refrain from romancing while on duty.







6 responses to “Tamara taken…”

  1. coppertop Avatar

    Tamara is so annoying and always angry. She could use a night in the ditch with Sid.

    What is it with Ricky shortening names- Adam is Ads, Casey is Case and now she is calling Tamara Tam. Enough! Adam is going to get fed up of having the two of them with him. Mmm maybe he’ll end up in a ditch to get away from them. Ricky declared her love for Brax and that was enough for Brax to believe that Ricky knew nothing about the brains behind Operation Bashing of the Braxtons. Brax needs his head examined!!

    I think the search box should say ‘Search here. Oi!’

  2. Mayor Josh West Avatar
    Mayor Josh West

    Oi… Please can Ad’s kidnap Maddie as well & do away with her completely. Why haven’t the Yabbie Creek PD cottoned on to all the suspicious goings on in the Bay, this wouldn’t have happened with Fitzy around.

  3. strikemeroan Avatar

    Operation Bashing…..hahahaha, brilliant

  4. Justice Bellingham Avatar
    Justice Bellingham

    Heath in the police station with Brax and Kyle “I can smell bacon, can you guys smell bacon?” and a big grin on his face!

    Oi is really catching on. Kyle is using it now as well.

  5. Ailsa Avatar

    Coppertop, your wish has been granted. Oi.

  6. coppertop Avatar

    Oi Ailsa, thanks. I love continuity and the giggles where possible. Glad to see you’ve moved on from fridges and now haunt the interweb.

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