The widow Walker

Maddie is still down in the dumps because Spencer is no longer giving her his unconditional attention. She seems annoyed that he isn’t heart-broken over their latest break-up. She got upset on the beach and he gave her a hug, overseen by Zac. Zac thinks that she only booked a counselling session with Nat to get some notice from Spencer.

Marilyn was fretting over John and their conversations. She thought he had the hots for her but was afraid to say it to him. She sat him down and told him her fears but he said they were groundless, he is far from ready to move on from Gina, they’re just friends and Marilyn feels awful.

Indi is doing it tough. Sid advised her to let go of Romeo as he’s probably passed away by now. It might be time for her to take to her surf board again, something she found hard to do while her husband was still alive, as it was something they had done together. It’s going to be difficult for the young Walker widow, she’ll have to find a way move on, dipping her toe back in the surf could be the first step on that journey.





9 responses to “The widow Walker”

  1. gillian Avatar

    i hope they at least give us an update down the line that yes romeo is indeed dead etc

  2. PeterKevin Avatar

    I doubt that they will. Just in case Todd/Romeo is in Witness Protection and they need to bring him back in the future.

    Maddening Maddie is just moronic now. Please can she go back to where she came from ? Spencer is just about bearable cos he’s helping out Rosie and Sasha. But Maddie is Ms.Self-Centred, and all that woe-is-me my-life-is-over carry on is just beyond ridiculous.

  3. coppertop Avatar

    They have made Maddening Maddie into a stereotypical teenager with all her mood swings. Sickening. They have made it look like she has no friends except for her new stylist Roo.

    I think they will leave the door open for Romeo in-case Luke Mitchell decides to return. They’ll probably have him off in Amerikay at some natural healing place and he’ll return as right as rain in a few years.

  4. gillian Avatar

    i doubt luke mitchell will ever return though. and the fact his cancer is terminal doesnt really give him much scope to ever return. i want some closure on such a stupid departure!

  5. coppertop Avatar

    You never know. Sure Charlie is returning in a toaster or fridge like Ailsa soon. Home & Away is great for that craic.

  6. strikemeroan Avatar

    Luke M told Ray Darcy that Romeo will be back before he dies. My guess is he’ll want a Viking-style surf burial/memorial a la the one the Boize did for Rocco.

  7. Ailsa Avatar

    I’m fairly certain he’ll come back, just as Indi finds herself a new fella

  8. PeterKevin Avatar

    Yes strikemroan, I meant to refer to that! I was kinda disappointed that they didn’t have a Riverboy Surfie Farewell thingy for Romeo. He wasn’t one of the Boize but he spent most of his time surfing or posing on the beach, which is pretty much what the Boize do ( petty crime and tats aside).

    And yes Ailsa, Inidi will have no sooner uttered the words” I finally feel like I’m moving on” when Romeo will re-appear, begging for forgiveness.

  9. coppertop Avatar

    If Ailsa says so it must be true. Can’t wait to see how they will do it. Ruby might also reappear when Romeo does. You could fill another column on the blog with ‘might be dead’ peeps beside the wall of death.

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