Oi, you goose

Heath must have been reading Enid Blyton lately, if his choice of insult is anything to go by.

The Braxtons still have not figured out who set Casey up. Ricky confessed to Kyle that there’s a greater power at play, but didn’t tell him who it is. Kyle will tell Brax, but only at the very very last minute.

Rosie went to Principal Scott to say she wanted to leave school. OK, said Principal Scott. Sasha was aghast at this advice and rightly gave Bianca what-for. Bianca had another chat to Rosie and convinced her to stay in school. This would never have happened in Gina’s day.

John told Jett to stay well away from Casey, since he got caught up in the armed robbery investigation. Marilyn then backed up John’s advice with a friendly chat. Eh, hello Marilyn? A few months ago you were best buds with Danny THE DOG Braxton.

John and Jett got flowers for Marilyn, as a thank-you for her support. This convinced her that John is romantically interested, as Alf had previously told her. She is going to distance herself from the Palmer-Jameses.

Maddie is being the most annoying human in the universe by moaning that Spencer doesn’t like her anymore. I don’t like you anymore either, Maddie.


2 responses to “Oi, you goose”

  1. Summer_Babe Avatar

    Apparently “goose” is the Australian equivalent of eejit/idiot. Thanks http://australiandictionary.net. Loved the Enid Blyton reference though!

    When are Tamara and/or Kyle going to put their heads together and realise Ricky’s the one responsible for all the Braxton bothers in Summer Bay (following orders from Adam – obviously they think he’s dead)? Something big will have to happen today to leave a cliffhanger for the weekend!

    Maddie is getting very annoying alright. She hasn’t a clue what she wants. With all that extra time on her hands she should either get back to playing the violin or go back to those lifesaving classes with John Palmer.

  2. strikemeroan Avatar

    Aw I just remembered Danny the DOG and his thing for Marilyn. I really shipped those two.

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