The Boize: Private Detective Agency

That episode was way more crack.

Firstly, Casey is in a remand centre as a result of being arrested for armed robbery. Brax came to visit and give out about Casey giving a statement without their lawyer there. Neither of them know their lawyer’s name. Brax also assured Casey that The Boize are on the case. The Boize don’t seem to have names either, and if it was down to them, Case would be inside for manys a long year.

Rosie is not facing up to the realities of being a teenage mum. She is counting on Sasha, Spencer (who has only been her friend for a week) and Zach for support. Why she doesn’t talk to Natalie or Roo, who actually had a teenage pregnancy (and is still wearing the clothes), is beyond me.

A random bitchy character cropped up today – Holly. She is there to slag Rosie off in general. Summer Bay High is great for the odd wagon, remember that one that bullied Jett?

The episode ended with Brax sitting in what seemed to be an outside kitchen. Very weird. He was on the whiskey, which as everyone knows, is only for consumption in ditches. Ricky is being a great support to everyone. If I were her I’d scarper, especially as Brax has sworn to kill the dog that landed Casey in the clink again.


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  1. PeterKevin Avatar

    Super episode. No coincidence that Maddie wasn’t in it and Spence is being overshadowed by Rosie and Sasha Fierce.

    Poor Casey. He can’t remember who he might have pissed off in jail. Ah Case would you not remember Jamie? No? No alarm bells at all?

    Helpful-Cop-with-no-name asks Brax if he has any enemies. Again there’s that amnesia. Even though Adam is “dead” , would it not occur to the Boize there might be some connection here with the whole Adam/ Jamie thing? No? Especially as Adam’s sister has recently reappeared, all peace and forgiveness. No, nobody notices any possible connection there either.

    They’re too busy calming Tiny Tam down before she tries to break into the remand centre and free Case. They’re not even noticing how fidgety Ricky is getting. She’s looks like she’s being attacked by midges all the time.

    Mind you Brax is probably too busy remembering his halycon days when every trip to the Cop Shop was just a prelude to seducing the Sarge. Happy times. We miss you too Charlie.

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