Paging Todd Smith

Detective Indi and her mate Chris are hunting down her husband. They called every hospital in the state looking for his medical records but no joy on that front. Chris reckons he knows of other ways to track him down. Maybe he has a phone number for Dog the bounty hunter or Reno Raines:

Rosie had a medical chat with Sid to go over her options. He laid them out to her and she is going to keep her baby. She never had much love from her own Ma so now she’s going to smother her own baby with love. Spencer and Sasha will be there to help but it’s going to be tough for the kid.

Maddie is losing the plot because she thinks Spencer is getting it on with Rosie. He can’t be bothered with her nonsense at the moment as he’s busy helping somebody with real problems. Why would he bother with her anymore given that she’s already dumped him twice?





6 responses to “Paging Todd Smith”

  1. gillian Avatar

    did not know that romeos name was todd!

  2. Roo's Nose Avatar
    Roo’s Nose

    All I can say is Heath and Beeyanka – Yawn, Maddening mess – Yawn, Nat and hairy friend – Yawn, Indi and meaty friend – Yawn x 2.
    Rosie ya your two friends from school WILL support you for the next 18 (28) years….
    Ah god where the hell is Brax?

  3. PeterKevin Avatar

    Where the hell are the wardrobe people ?

    Maddie going around in a Roo-like tent, Sasha wearing a dress that appears to have been made from a few cushion covers and Indi in some kind of pinafore thing that looks yucky on her.

    Why was Todd called Romeo? If he really is called Todd then are any of the documents that he signed for the business legal? Is his marriage to Indi legal? Morag must be called in to clarify this at once.

  4. coppertop Avatar

    Did Todd change his name because of something to do with his alcoholic mother?

  5. PeterKevin Avatar

    Maybe the same reason why his sister called herself Mink?

    What’s with Brax and the random Stick Throwing? Do they have some kind of Championship in it in Oz?

  6. coppertop Avatar

    Yeah I was laughing at that too. Did you cop what he did after that? He decided to rub the boot of the car as he passed. The prop department are kept busy with that lad rubbing things and throwing sticks.

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