Rosie duffed

Poor Rosie now has a teenage pregnancy* to deal with. Sid set out the options and she has a big decision ahead of her. She has an ace support team in the form of Sasha, Spencer, Sid, Zac and now Natalie. I can’t see this staying secret for very long.

Maddie is put out at all the attention Spencer is paying Rosie. Obviously, he can’t reveal what’s going on, which is making her angrier. She presumed that Spence and Rosie are becoming an item, until Roo pointed out she was jumping the gun a bit. That criss-cross dress of Roo’s is particularly mad, even for her.

Natalie is put out too, as she was thwarted in her nosiness by a reactive and sensible Zac. She pointed out that he didn’t play by the school rules, but he retorted that she is just feeling left out. Haha, Natalie ya moan.

* Previous teenage pregnancies include: Roo, Sophie, Selina, Angel, Kirsty, Cassie. Previous abortions include…only Martha, I think?


5 responses to “Rosie duffed”

  1. PeterKevin Avatar

    Nicole or was she past the teen years?

  2. strikemeroan Avatar

    Did Martha have a shmashortion? Missed that story. I feel like the speech Sid gave Rosie about her options has been said to every preggers Summer Bay teen since the dawn of time.

  3. Ailsa Avatar

    I did think of Nicole but was unsure what age she was. I’d say she was on the brink.

    Martha did indeed have a “termination”.

  4. PeterKevin Avatar

    Wow! Nosey Nat can really throw a strop when she wants to. She should have stayed as a Riverbabe, those tantrums would fit right in chez Braxton.

  5. coppertop Avatar

    Nosey Nat is turning into a teenager herself with her strops.

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