Undercover ninja

Zac is going to teach self-defence classes at the school as he has fighting skills (judo?), Rosie and Sasha are going to sign up. As well as that, he’s also going to be teaching at the school, English and society classes, nice parting gift from Gina. Himself and Nat need a new housemate in Leah’s gaff now Liam is gone but Zac vetoed Kyle when he applied, no dogs, no Braxtons. Nat was unimpressed and told him that their Braxton ban has run out, Kyle is moving in straight away.

Dex is having a tough time keeping ahead of the advances of his girlfriend Steph, the naughty nurse. As it happens, she could do with spending more time on her job and less trying to get it on with Nurse Walker. Dex noticed that she’s not attending to her duties correctly. Dex tried to cover for her negligence, but they had a diner pow wow and he dressed her down over it.This could be problematic for their relationship.

Brax isn’t enjoying having Ricky hold out info on him. She told him that she’s trying to clean up Adam’s messes and debts, she’s under a lot of stress. Brax is going to help her out with an “oi” and a lean over some furniture. He’s eager to take on other people’s problems.

4 thoughts on “Undercover ninja”

  1. Brax can’t cope unless he’s sorting someone else’s problems.

    Zach is starting to annoy me.

    Has Kyle ever even played that guitar?

  2. Zach is very annoying alright. He’s kindof weedy or something.
    Poor Dex isn’t able for yer one at all! First the shinanigins in the closet now the bad work ethic… He’ll have to give her the flick methinks.
    I think Kyle is saving his guitar debut for some night when Tamara is troubled and walking alone near the beach. Cue several hours later and they are waking up on the sand… Or perhaps woken by someone…

  3. PeterKevin, Kyle played the guitar one night at the end of work in the restaurant. Tedious Tamara ran into the place in a rage over a row she had with Casey about Kyle fancying her. He asked her what she was doing there and she said she needed to be away from Casey the one she supposedly loves.

    The writers seem to love having a character around the Bay who is some kind of martial arts expert. Zach has the big Rev’s boots to fill now.

  4. Nat and Zach are possibly more annoying than Maddie and Spence and that is a hard act to follow. Even more annoying that we are now going to have another self defence class, seriously, it was bad enough having the holy man Elijah doing it. Nat suits Zach much more than Brax, couldn’t really see them as a couple at all. A lot of boldness going on recently and not a fairy light in sight!!

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