I’ll call the DOCS Sheila

Everyone is rallying around John and Jett. Roo and Marilyn are organising the funeral, Brax is hosting the wake, Alf’s calling the DOCS Sheila, and Officer Xavier Austin rolled into town. Bandicoot won’t be at the funeral as he’s too upset.

Indi was pretty upset when she heard the news and then had to face Xavier. Casey consoled her. It looks like they will end up together, which is RIDICULOUS. I bet that as soon as they become a couple, Romeo will show up. At least it’ll leave the way clear for Tamara and Kyle to leave the Bay and never return, thank you.

Ricky is being very very very suss. She is demanding Brax’s attention, and then scarpering when she gets mysterious texts. Darryl is wise to it and won’t put up with it for too long. BLOOD AND SAND.

8 thoughts on “I’ll call the DOCS Sheila”

  1. Awwww lovely photo of Gina on the wall of death….tis shockin sad altogether….poor wee Jett, he’s a fantastic wee actor. He could teach Xav a thing or thing, I see he hasn’t gotten any acting lessons in his absence!

  2. Maybe Sasha Fierce will find a love interest of her own, hopefully not Chris. I hope he leaves soon. No he hasn’t Mattie but he has lost a good bit of weight. Police training must be tough. I’m glad they mentioned his brothers but no mention of his Uncle Tony or cousin Lucas.

  3. Good point Liz, how would Sash feel if her sis took up with her ex. Hmmmmmm.

    At least she wouldn’t have too look too far for a bit of advice. The Bay is has many examples of those who have, ahem, “kept it in the family”. The Braxtons and the Scotts for example. The sadly departed Patterson-Baker-Vale-Taylor clan were in a class of their own though. If I do say so myself.

  4. Tamara and Kyle won’t leave. Tamara can be annoying, I like the new dynamic Kyle brings to The Braxton family. I don’t think Sasha will care cause she probably have a new boyfriend soon knowing Home and Away writers no one can stay single I wouldn’t be surprised by the end of the year Tamara is with Kyle, Casey is with either Maddy or Indi and Sasha or Rosie is with Spencer

  5. I hope Tamara leaves. She is a headwreck. I’m mad about Kyle. I wonder if he will sort Chris out now that they are both in the Caravan Park. Hopefully he’ll make him leave. Maybe they will have a guitar war at dawn or maybe just maybe they will form a band and sing songs about caravans. Chris is already good at rhyming he said “Summer Bay here to stay” the other day.

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