Do you want to be on telly, talking about Home and Away?

Well? Would you like to proclaim your love for H&A to the whole world, or at least, the Irish viewing public?

If so, and if you are between the ages of 18-24 (*sob*), leave a comment below to tell us, or email Orla at





13 responses to “Do you want to be on telly, talking about Home and Away?”

  1. Gilly Avatar

    damn, im too old and wouldnt want to be on tv anyway but i could happily discuss home and away all day! sob!

  2. coppertop Avatar

    Why is the cut-off point 24? That’s cutting out all the people who grew up with Bobby, Neville, Floss, little Sally, Ailsa, the original Pippa, the original Irene. I’ve been watching it since it began!!

  3. Ailsa Avatar

    They probably don’t even remember Shane and Angel!

  4. strikemeroan Avatar

    YOUNG PEOPLE TODAY. Crook kids, the lot of ’em!

  5. Ailsa Avatar

    Now, if it was 28-34, that’d be no bother!

  6. Roo's Nose Avatar
    Roo’s Nose

    Lets face it people its cutting out I’d say at least 50% of the people who watch it ie >30 (yikes). Lads I don’t think we are supposed to be the target audience. ????

  7. coppertop Avatar

    Roo’s Nose I’d say they are actually cutting out the entire audience!! I think that most 18-24 year olds, in Ireland anyway, don’t actually watch H&A. I think 28+ do because we grew up with it when there was only Bog 1 and Bog 2 to watch. 1) There was nothing else suitable and entertaining to watch of an evening after school and 2) We had to watch because our mammy’s were most definitely watching and there were no other tellys in the teach. H&A is like tae drinking for us- we need a fix everyday and can just about manage not having it on Saturday and Sunday. First few weeks of summer we are all like addicts going cold turkey. Last month of summer most of us are secretly counting down the days until “You know we belong together…” We (those who have been there from 1988) are the audience!!

    *Group hug 80’s babies*

  8. strikemeroan Avatar

    Perfectly put, Coppertop. Those Millenials have no business taking over OUR show! All together now: ‘you know we belong together…’

  9. Ailsa Avatar

    This is actually heart-warming. Yay!

  10. Jen Avatar

    Id probably do it… I’ll get back to yas, I know someone else who would with me!

  11. PeterKevin Avatar

    Ageist carry-on if you ask me. Down with this sort of thing.

  12. Yabbie Creeker Avatar
    Yabbie Creeker

    PeterKevin, I suggest you write a strongly worded letter to the producers citing Ageism antics. Bet those younguns wouldnt know DagDog if he came up and bit them on the arse

  13. coppertop Avatar

    We should start a petition.

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