Romeo the ultimate dickhead

Romeo, in an unbelievably selfish move, left the Bay with Liam Murphy. He said goodbye to Indi in a letter, but neglected to mention that he had cancer. So, she was totally bamboozled. Sid was caught in the middle, and eventually told his daughter the truth. Good acting, poor Indi.

Ricky and Cheryl were stirring things up ’round the Braxtons, mentioning Adam to Bianca, and slagging off Kyle.

Brax gave Kyle a great lecture, about not letting Casey down. He’s a good man for a telling-off. So, Kyle apologised to Casey.

Heath, in an extremely unusual move, gave his ma a lecture over being a wagon to Bianca. It was Braxton Bollocking day.

We reckon Ricky is on a revenge mission to the Bay.

12 thoughts on “Romeo the ultimate dickhead”

  1. I knew they would run off together but Romeo will have to come back at some stage, ye??
    With Ricky now in the scene it probaly won’t be long till Charlie’s return!!

  2. I think their something fishy about Ricky she doesn’t seem to want to talk about her brother much can’t forget she said Jamie doesn’t blame him for Adam.yet when he come face to face with Brax he seemed very mad about it so she is not telling the truth about that maybe she turned up to get revenge? and what was the smirk about when Brax told Kyle he would go away if his feelings for Tamara didn’t go away maybe she happy about this might cause a rift between the brothers she seems to be trying to distance him from his brothers problems and seems to turned up and quickly gone to luring him I think they were harsh on Kyle its not like he really did anything and how can they expect his feelings just to go away and as for Casey I think he should of apologised to Kyle for overreacting and he also had no right to talk to Tamara like that if they are going to work as a couple he should be able to trust his girlfriend when she says nothing happened I think she didn’t tell him cause she felt their was nothing to tell and didn’t want to cause anymore conflict between Kyle and Casey. and as for Cheryl she seems to not like Kyle more for the fact his Danny’s son not because of what he did to Casey which is understandable she wouldn’t because he hurt her son but he didn’t choose who his dad was the same her kids didn’t.

  3. how predictable its obvious Tamara will end up with Kyle down the road the writers always put people together who start of hating each other I actually think they make a better pair their is a spark there she may not like him that way now but she eventually give in never brought Tamara/Casey they seemed to forced and just seem put together based on cause of she saved his life.

  4. Bizarrest departure yet in H&A! I did hear yer man that plays Romeo on with Ray D’Arcy and he said that it would seem like he was gone, but he’d a have a bit more to do in it.

  5. Bizarre departure is right Watson. At least they are leaving the door open for Romeo and Liam to return. The door is also open for Ruby, Romeo’s (Luke) real-life wife.

    I don’t trust Ricky either. She seems to want to forget her brother. She doesn’t even seem that upset about him. How come there has been no mention of her before. Is Adam actually dead?? His “death” was a bit quick and there was no follow-up to it. I don’t remember the River Boys being questioned about it or being brought to the police station. You’d think that would’ve happened considering the cops are called out for small things. Weird!! I’m surprised the Good Doc Walker wasn’t questioned over the toaster incident. What the hell is Ricky hanging around for anyway?! I think you’re right Alex, Ricky is back for revenge. Imagine if her brother Adam wasn’t actually dead and Jamie for some reason got out of prison then there would be a massive Sharpe vs. Braxton war.

  6. Is Ruby not in jail by now? Can’t remember hearing about a court case or anything after she left. It would stand to reason that, even if all of SB has forgotten what she did, the justice system wouldn’t have allowed her to get away with it.

    They’ve really written out the YCPD now as they have no long term characters there. Instead the writers seem intent in boring us to death with the great Maddy/Spencer Snoozefest.

  7. Ruby was taken away in a cop car presumably to jail. The writers said they wanted to bring H&A back to its roots and focus on the childer and the school. (A) The only childer we know in the school are Sasha Fierce, Random Rosie, Tedious Tamara, and the Tearaway lovebirds. (B) The only teachers we know are Mrs. Palmer and Bianca. There is Nosey Nat who spends more of her time earwhigging and running then she does in school. I dunno how they think they will keep our attention with school storylines when there are hardly any characters involved.

  8. Yes coppertop. Its kinda difficult to get us interested in the school when they have insufficient interesting characters there!!!!!!

  9. But see they have every student repeating now. Sasha Fierce is repeating Year 11, April repeated her Leaving and Tedious Tamara is probably older than some of the teachers.

  10. The education system in the ‘bay most be shocking. Let us take this as a warning: Do not send your children to Summerbay High. They will end up repeating multiple years and/or drop out and enroll again and again multiple times.

    I cannot believe Alfred turned into Mullens in that Snicker’s ad, haha. Brilliant.

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