Bay’s Anatomy

For a second there, I thought I was watching the wrong show. Between April and dishy doctor-teacher Jake (Twomey?), and Dex and his prankster nurse, it was like being back in Seattle Grace. Are there a few intra-medical romances coming our way? I do hope so.

Casey and Tamara moved in together, in a gaff that Brax had but never used. You could’ve put one of your many house guests in there, Darryl. There was a bit of nudiness, then Casey broke out the moodboards, and decorated the place. He has a real knack. The first interior designer River Boy.

Romeo has my heart broke already. He is croaky, he is bewildered, and he still hasn’t told Indi. Bit mean of him to keep asking his buds to keep his secret, and isn’t he wasting time, the very commodity he’s so concerned about?

Liam Murphy is actually leaving now. He’s giving it another go with Ash. Is that the son or the ex-wife? Either way, tomorrow is probably his last episode, if he obeys the rules of the Summer Bay Time Warp.

13 thoughts on “Bay’s Anatomy”

  1. Casey’s moodboard must have had nothing but coloured glass vases on it, judging by his decor choices.

    Who is the landlord there? I feel like a Summer Bay resident might own it, but I could be thinking of the Austin-Palmer household.

  2. The Austin-Palmer place did have a similar room across from the doorway that was like an office and then a bedroom but that was back around Martha’s time on the show. I noticed there was no sign of it at all when John was trying to fix the fuse box that time. According to Brax the new space across from his front door was the landlord’s storage area but why then has it got a kitchen area, a bathroom and bedroom? Ridic! There was also no sign of this place from external shots when Brax was trying to be a father figure to VJ and show him his motorbike.

  3. Yeah, how many storage areas double as granny flats?!

    Wonder will Mink and Romeo’s alco ma turn up for his dying days. Mink could take over his job in the gym – her and Heath would be good sparring partners

  4. Dishy Dr Twomey giving a lectures in bedside manner? I’d say he’ll be a bit of an expert on that. April will be wearing her RiverBoy Seducion Guna to class pretty soon.

    Poor Indi. The first she’ll know that somethings wrong with her hubby is when the Walker clan go to the crematorium one fine morning and she’ll ask “who’s dead anyway?”. Then Mink will turn up looking for a loan and she’ll cop on that Romeo is gone to the big surf carnival in the sky.

    Liam’s on the bus out of town today I’ll bet. I thought he’d break into a few bars of “Rock and Roll I gave you all the best years of my life” when he was giving the money to Brax.

    Not that Brax needs the money. He has no lady love to spend it on, he hasn’t had a meal or a drink for a long time. Although judging by the looks that Kyle was giving the Tedious one, I’d say there will be fists flying between himself and Case fairly soon. Put the Money in the account for lawyers fees then Brax.

  5. Didnt Tom Nash or one of the Matilda /?? twins not have a bedroom off to the side.. They did bring the subject a few weeks back, think Kyle or Heath were pushing against the door, good old Brax Oi sorting out the family. Tell her already, talking to Sid he actually said “I am not an idiot” ha!

  6. According to twitter Angelo owns the house, Roo was living in it first and was the landlady for the Boize for a while, which I dimly remember. So is that place Angelo’s storeroom? Maybe for keeping Nicole’s baby stuff. It’d be funny if one of these days Sergeant Risotto returns and demands his house and restaurant back.

  7. You’re right Strikemeroan Angelo owns the ‘sharehouse’ as they call it and Roo used to collect the rent for him.

    PeterKevin I’m still laughing- “Riverboy Seduction Guna.” She’ll do that thing she always does and blink slowly and lick her top lip.

    Yabbie Creeker you’re right it was a bedroom that they had but we never saw the inside.

  8. I seem to remember some kind of slapstick-style messing in the era of Jack and Martha, with people running back and forth between those two doors, across the threshold.

    Mink + Heath = best show ever

  9. Kyle has those really glassy Dougal eyes but by God is he dreamy. Yum!! I think we should write up a list of continuity failures on the show because some of them are just priceless.

    Does anyone remember when Irene used to frighten herself with the premonitions she used to get that would always come true? What the hell happened that storyline?! Irene lost that superpower overnight.

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