Next level alert 2

Marilyn walked in on Maddy and Spencer as things were getting hot and heavy. They discussed taking things to the next level in his van but were interrupted. Roo and Harvey had to deal with the fall out and decided to sit them down for the talk. Now Spencer doesn’t think he’s ready while Maddy was trying to pounce on him down the beach. Young love eh?

Dex is feeling much better these days, remembering everything. April on the other hand is having problems dealing with the stress and anxiety of Uni and is reverting to her OCD ways. Sid saw her behaviour and is concerned. She lost the plot when trying to deal with her timetable and came back to the diner in tears. Are college timetables that difficult to follow, especially for somebody who got into medicine?

Nat and Zack had a tête-à-tête in the diner after he had confronted Brax on the beach. Zack asked the River boss to stay away from Nat; he replied that it was Nat who needed to be told to steer clear of him. Liam met Nat on the beach for a chat, wearing full biker gear while she was wearing minuscule gym gear. Does Liam have reptilian blood?

By the way it seems that we got it wrong on Liam, he didn’t leave the Bay after all. He met Romeo on the clifftop last Friday and the kid put Liam’s problems into perspective by revealing his terminal cancer. Hopefully that will snap Liam out of his recent funk. He’ll have to find a job somewhere, not many options open to him in the Bay now.





3 responses to “Next level alert 2”

  1. strikemeroan Avatar

    Nice that they remembered April had OCD, that plotline seemed to have disappeared entirely. Wonder will she start organising her clothes by colour again. She’ll have to match them to her elaborate map.

  2. coppertop Avatar

    Poor April. Can I just say I love the way she cries not that it is funny but she just reminds me of a 4 year old crying.

    It looks like the writers had a rethink on writing Liam out and like Moses he appeared on the side of the cliff. ‘Oh well Romeo man I’ve been coming here for the past few mornings thinking.’ No word of where he was sleeping or nothing. It wasn’t like he had even left the ‘bay because the seaside swimming pool was just below him. Loved all the cockatoos in the background. Neither of the lads took a blind bit of notice.

  3. Ailsa Avatar

    Haha so true Coppertop – the out-of-control wailing is gas. She’d make a good banshee.

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