Romeo, Romeo, speak up there Romeo

Mr. Smith has the oul’ caaaanca, but he won’t tell his wife. Well, she’ll deduce it soon enough from his withdrawn ways, and if she doesn’t, her dear daddio will let it slip. I only hope Romeo doesn’t tell Heath, who then tells Indi, as that would be a disaster of Home and Away proportions.

What a diagnosis though! Sid seems to be giving him a little hope with the promise of new treatments, but Romeo is riddled with it.

Gina and John told Jett they wanted to adopt him. Jett, the wee dote, went mad, saying he wasn’t good enough. He gave Gina a good dig by saying her sons wouldn’t like it. I’d say Gina thought, “who?”.

Sasha was so amazing and by-the-book in her petitioning for equal-rights uniforms that Gina is going to back her cause with the PNC. Sasha was delighted with this, but had no friends to tell, since she dissed Rosie. Bad move, Sash.






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  1. coppertop Avatar

    Sasha must’ve had no friends in school B.R. (before Rosie) which is probably because she spends her time accessorizing and putting extensions in her hair. Nice side quiff going on today.

    Rosie appears to have been fostered off very quickly and completely off camera. Poor Rosie, she is so craiced and stalkey you gotta love her.

  2. PeterKevin Avatar

    Easy knowing that Colleen has left the Bay. Otherwise, at least one of Sid’s conversations with Romeo about his health would have been overheard. Poor Romeo. I think Sid will end up telling everyone the bad news.

    Jett mustn’t have heard the full story on Gina’s sons if he thinks he’s not good enough to join the family. People smuggling is only the half of it. And didn’t John have a son at some stage? Jett is seriously cool though.

    Rosie/Sash school petition. Yawn.In fact join the Yawnathon with Maddie and Spenzzzzzzzzzz ….

  3. Yabbie Creeker Avatar
    Yabbie Creeker

    Still a bit in shock that Romeo has a brain.. Pretty big news though, wish he would tell Indi, instead of being cryptic and telling her they should close the Gym.. Although wont be long until its out.Hoping that he will make a recovery. Heath is pretty cool working in the gym – Oi Blondie!

  4. Roos's Nose Avatar
    Roos’s Nose

    Absolutely love Heath in the gym! So wrong yet so right at the same time..
    Poor Romeo, the crathure. He’s more concerned about Indi than himself. Little does he know he’ll soon be in Ireland enjoying the craic.
    Go Jett! What a legend of a young fella. I hope he scores a chic now soon.
    But lads- What’s the story with Tamara? So annoying and moany if you ask me and not worthy of the undivided attentions of 2 riverboys.

  5. Ailsa Avatar

    Ah stop, she’s a total dose.

  6. coppertop Avatar

    Tedious Tamara. Wish she’d go back to the desert.

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