The sulky surfer

Kyle is feeling a bit sorry for himself. Tamara told him to cop himself on and then went to visit Casey in the hospital. She’s happy that he’s agreed to cut a deal with the Prisonies, so he’s back in the free world. Brax won’t be happy as he spent the whole episode slagging Zack when his advice worked out and got his bro out of jail, while Brax’s advice got him stabbed.

Romeo had a mole removed but doesn’t want Indi to find out. He asked Sid not to talk about it, which Sid agreed to until the test results came back. Unfortunately, the results were bad, it’s melanoma. He’ll have to tell her indoors now.

Heath is a knob. He offered to help out in the gym until Casey returns to work but got the hump when Romeo refused his help. He reckons the gym can do without a drug dealer. Heath lost it and went off for a sulk and a surf. Can you imagine him working behind the counter dealing with the customers?

Gym customer: Excuse me, this treadmill is broken.

Heath: I don’t give a stuff, fix it yourself genius.

2 thoughts on “The sulky surfer”

  1. Poor Romeo 🙁 just when things were going well for him. Proper acting out of him and Sid too best in a while.
    Haha fix it yourself genius, Malibu Ken will need Casey even more now the hospital bed beckons..

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