Heath is a hero

Heath told Bianca she was doing his head in, because she had a mickeyfit when he proposed. You and me both, Heath old boy.

Heath is so easily led, though, that he’ll soon come around to Bianca’s way of thinking. It only took Celia 10 minutes to brainwash him. He’s so angry and simple.

There’s no room for April in Irene’s; she’ll have to head off into the wide blue yonder and become a doctor. You can’t really stay in the Bay once you go to Uni. Indi manages it, but she barely goes, she’s far too busy working in the diner Angelo’s. Dani had a few Uni scenes, but took off shortly afterwards. Countless others have just disappeared into the arms of education.

Roo is being extra-extra weird around Maddie and Spencer. What’s it all about, Harvey?

Do you think we will ever see Lottie again? Maybe she died of those measles/chickenpox.


8 responses to “Heath is a hero”

  1. strikemeroan Avatar

    ‘Hes so angry and simple’ Hahahaha that made me LOL for ages.

    V true that no one stays in the bay once higher education aka a better future come a-callin’. The only job youre allowed take in SB that requires a college education are teacher and doctor. And cop, if you go to YCPD school like Xavier. Although he didnt stick around either.

  2. coppertop Avatar

    Xavier and Brendan are never home. It’s like Gina has completely forgotten about them.
    With a girlfriend as annoying as Bianca no wonder Heath is so angry. She is never happy with what he does or says. What does she want him to do- to explain in a 3000 word French essay or something?!

  3. strikemeroan Avatar

    When Bianca yelled at Heath ‘you’re so flippant’ and he replied ‘what does that even mean’, I don’t think he was being rhetorical. Poor simple, angry Heath

  4. PeterKevin Avatar

    Last nights was one of the worst ever.
    Heath and Bianca screaming at each other. Again.
    Poor Dex and April breaking up, sad beyond words.
    And bloody Harve/Roo/Romeo/Juliet being boring again.

    All it needed was Tedious Tamara and Hopeless Case and it would have been a complete write off.


  5. coppertop Avatar

    Bianca does my head in. She is never ever happy. She has to find fault with everything.

    Tedious Tamara has disappeared for a little bit since she moved into Irene’s thank God. Maybe Irene’s singing has gotten to her.

    Unrelated topic but I am so glad they changed that annoying 48 ad before the show.

    I feel like we need a Home and Away Support Group just to deal with all the annoying characters. Who says ‘Oi’? Oi.

  6. strikemeroan Avatar

    Oi. The arrivals of Maddie, Spencer and Tamara has dangerously skewed the annoying/sound characters quotient to mostly annoying

  7. Ailsa Avatar

    48 – GO CONQUER

  8. coppertop Avatar

    Go Conquer hombre Ailsa.

    Not only have they skewed the annoying quotient but they’ve turned sound characters into annoying eejits e.g. Roo and Le Harvey.

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