Tattoo tales

Heath got a grenade on his neck because he liked blowing stuff up as a child. That’s amazing. Celia is unimpressed with his body art and doesn’t think Bianca should be going out with him. She decided to stick her nose in and tell them how to live their lives, I’m surprised he didn’t stitch her a head butt, instead it made him pluck up the courage to propose to Bianca.

Jett is still having bullying issues with Tilda. Gina got Sasha to talk to the boy but he feels he deserves the bullying for his past ways, low self esteem issues.

Sasha’s mate Rosie is getting very clingy, in a stalker way. She’s possessive and jealous, I can’t see that friendship ending well. She bought Sasha a friendship bracelet, which reminded me of Joey’s “bestest buds” bracelets in Friends.

Roo and Harvey are vying for supremacy with Spencer’s dad. He is trying to control his son’s life but the kids are having none of it. Roo and Harvey are taking them in so they can stay in the Bay and start new lives in the caravan park. Spencer told his Da to shove it, and he slinked off with a massive puss on his face. Serves him right, the tool.

12 thoughts on “Tattoo tales”

  1. He seemed to buy it a few weeks ago in some phantom second-hand shop. When they first showed it it was missing strings and now all of a sudden it is playable when it is handed to Maddie.

    Nosey is right. I couldn’t stop laughing at the head on Heath looking around when Celia was calling “Mr. Braxton.” Can’t wait to see his Little Mermaid tattoo.

  2. I can’t believe Spencer is meant to be 16, that’s an outrageous piece of casting even for H&A. If Celia is looking for a project, getting dopey Casey through his HSE would be up there with hand building a church by herself out in Africa.

  3. How Dex dumps April is beyond me. Especially now she seems to have gotten her collarbones under control. I’m worried this is a precursor to an April exit, which would not be cool. Maybe Dex can get back to being kind of smart and funny now though, which would be good.

  4. Ahem: Question: How in the name of god, are Roo and Harvey going to offer emotional & financial support to the runaways considering they are living in Sallys /Alfs house & neither have stable jobs. Celia reminds me of Julie Andrews

  5. Yeah Yabbie Creeker I expect Celia to burst into song. The relationship between Roo and Harvey seems to have changed a lot. It looks like they are becoming carbon copies of Tom and Pippa. Did Tom work either?

  6. Not sure what Tom’s day job was, but he did don the orange jumpsuits with Alf whenever there was a Great Peril emergency

  7. They were like SBERU (Summerbay Emergency Response Unit). Didn’t Tom get killed in one of the emergencies?

  8. Tom died of a heart attack while driving his car. I think Michael died during an emergency while wearing one of the orange suits, could have been a mudslide.

  9. Oh you’re right Mr Flathead sir. I was confusing the two characters. Yes Michael is who I was talking about. Thank you.

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