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Indi and Romeo are making plans for the gym but need help with their image marketing. John suggested Roo, who could sell sheep to the Kiwi’s, now she’s on the case. No doubt her proposal will be a masterpiece and the gym will be a roaring success. Lots of people have offered to help but they’re all demanding free membership in exchange for help. Indi thinks they need to reclaim the process as the gym is theirs.

Casey got bashed, again. That poor fella is a human punchbag. It could have been Jamie, under pressure from the bad dudes in prison. Zack is trying to help Casey but he’s keeping stum about the culprit. Snitches get stiches on the inside. Brax is very unimpressed with Casey’s beating while Zack is supposed to be looking out for him, and threatened him with retaliation if anything happens to his bro on the inside. Could it have more to do with the fact that Zack is getting it on with his ex?

Kyle is trying to help Heath with the books for Angelo’s after he ballsed up the place so badly. Kyle is a model citizen now, far from his days of trying to kill people in the desert. He say Liam robbing cash in the restaurant, will he dob him in?





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  1. PeterKevin Avatar

    Sheep to the Kiwis! Brilliant work from JP. Indi and Romeo need all the help they can get with that gym, neither of them has proved to be exactly a financial whizz to date despite all their talk.

    Casey and his many battles are boring now and why is Tamara still hanging around like a bad smell?

    I love the fact that, despite her being in the shower, Nat managed to hear the argument between Zac and Brax and arrive on the scene and pretend to be shocked when the Brax threatened her latest squeeze. Oi.

    Kyle is Mr Good Guy now. So of courses he’s gonna blackmail Liam. I just haven’t figured out the details yet….

  2. coppertop Avatar

    Nosey Nat has a great pair of ears on her especially when it comes to knowing the Braxton’s business.

  3. Roo's Nose Avatar
    Roo’s Nose

    Nosey Nat! He he spot on Coppertop.

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