Brax is back

Brax is back, without a cailín on his arm. Luckily, he returned before Heath destroyed Angelo’s. Order will soon be restored.

Brax was away long enough for Natalie to decide to move on. He didn’t talk to her in his first four hours in the Bay, so she’s kissing the lad that works in the prison. Swift.

Celia’s fella, Sheldon, showed up and tried to persuade her to get back on the gambling circuit, so she sent him packing. Alf is relieved.

Romeo and Indi are taking over the gym, with Sid’s backing. Hopefully Romeo can put his apparently amazing sales skills to use and get some customers in.

Jamie showed up in Casey’s jail, which seems a bit too low-security for him. The really simple-looking fella who hates Casey is trying to get Jamie onside. It’s just like Prisoner Cell Block H, but without the laundry.

Check out the Braxtons in TV Now. Steve Peacocke’s tagline is mega lame: “I have a beautiful girlfriend”. Oh, well done Steve.

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9 responses to “Brax is back”

  1. Justice Bellingham Avatar
    Justice Bellingham

    Simple looking is an understatement. He looks like he comes from a very shallow gene pool. And what kind of name is Courtney for the leader of the jail gang?

  2. Strikemeroan Avatar

    LOLed at Charlie lurking in the background of that TV Now cover

  3. Yabbie Creeker Avatar
    Yabbie Creeker

    Loved that Alf referred to Sheldon as a Drongo the other night. Officially my new favourite term of endearment. Ailsa your so right, it is like prisoner cell block H.. Wonder will Courtney ever come good, Casey is so wise from the five minutes he has spent in detention giving stalky Jamie advice.

  4. PeterKevin Avatar

    Courtney is his surname, a good Irish surname like a lot of them used to have in SB. ( I miss Fitzy and Senior Constable McGrath). Casey has a split personality, he’s all wise and giving advice in prison, yet when he’s out and about in SB he cannot do a thing for himself without whining.

    Alf is the king alright , some of those phrases are classic.

    Brax bocht. He has only himself to blame though. He should have just pushed past Bianca and gone over to talk to Nat at the school. Instead he just stood there like an eejit staring at her. Kinda like what Case or Heath would do.

  5. strikemeroan Avatar

    Brax has been hanging around those eejits too long – he’s losing his mojo

  6. WheelyBowly Avatar

    actually courtney is his first name, his surname is freeman lol.

  7. Ailsa Avatar

    Haha Freeman

  8. coppertop Avatar

    I prefer Jamie to Whiney Casey. He is so annoying. He threw his toys out of the pram when Tedious Tamara arrived. She is an even bigger eejit for talking to him when he arrived back home.

    Brax spent the entire episode telling everyone to sort out their problems instead of going to talk to Nosey Nat. Strikemeroan you’re right. If Brax doesn’t get a dose of cop on he’ll end up whinging as much as Casey.

  9. lateshia Avatar

    Hey home and away is the best show going because Ricky and brax are just the perfect couple for each other

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