Dodgy deals

What a mad episode. Brax took Heath’s place in Adam’s deal. Adam told Brax he’d end up dead. Heath sat at home until Bianca mentioned that maybe he should help Brax out. Heath is a dum dum.

Brax got the stuff from the least threatening baddie I’ve seen since the halcyon days of “Hammer”. It turns out the “stuff” was shipping times. Boring. Heath arrived just in time to accost a henchman who was getting ready to shoot Brax, and the Baddie escaped.

Now, if I were a River Boy, I’d be heading back to the beach at this stage. But Brax went to confront Adam instead. There was some very emotional I-thought-we-were-mates dialogue, before the Baddie returned, and ran over Adam, who died.

NOW I’d be heading home (after ringing the cops, and the ambos, of course). Brax, however, told Heath to look after the business, and Casey, and headed off into the sunset. Wait ’till Casey hears. It’ll probably put him right off his HSC.

In other Bay news, Harvey had sense and called the cops to tell them about Maddie (who has suspected meningitis) and Spencer. Roo went bananas. She is being very unreasonable.

Finally, Celia is still mad for the pokies, or the gee gees, or gambling in general. It won’t be long until Alf wises up to her.





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  1. Justice Bellingham Avatar
    Justice Bellingham

    Adam on the Summer Bay Wall of Death please!

    Poor Jamie is an orphan now. Roo will probably try to take him in as well.

    Thought Brax would have been shot and had his visitation from Charlie while he was in limbo. Can see it now “No Brax stay away from the light, you still have work to do. If you die Casey will never finish his HSC and go on to be the high flying businessman he’s destined to be.”

  2. Liz Avatar

    Someone should introduce Celia to Ma Braxton and they can go off gamble together!

  3. coppertop Avatar

    Random episode. It was all over the shop a bit like Casey. Poor Jamie. I hope he returns and starts working in the restaurant. “Look after Casey and the restaurant” has to be one of Brax’ most common lines Oi. Where the flamin’ hell is he swan-ing off to?!

    Roo “you don’t know what it’s like” Stewart Ryan has gone very maternal all of a shot.

  4. Samma_Bay Avatar

    Did no-one think that maybe Brax is going to have to go to jail if it’s found out that he was involved in the incident where Adam died? That seems to me why he’s saying “Look after Casey and the restaurant” – he’s presuming he won’t be around. When it’s found out he was involved, then he’ll be in deep **** because it digs up his drug-related past and dodgy deals…. well that’s what I think anyway!

  5. Yabbie Creeker Avatar
    Yabbie Creeker

    What an episode: Adam came good in the end, by saving Brax from the oncoming Ford Mondeo!! that’s not a baddies car. Emotional hand holding and far away staring wrapped up Adams demise. Wish a car had blown up in the background while Brax walked away not looking at the fireball behind..
    Roo is taking fostering to a new level, starting to feel sorry for Harvey – which scares me slightly.

  6. PeterKevin Avatar

    Maybe there are trying to set up an explanation for Brax’s absence while he was visiting the Auld Sod a few months ago? Is that possible, given that we are behind Oz time?

    Don’t forget Adam saved Brax’s life when he saw the Man with the Shipping Codes and the Really Lame Rental Car speeding down the road. Jamie will lose the plot now.

    Roo is seriously annoying. Full marks to Harve for finally standing up to her. Pretty please Mr & Mrs Montague and Mr & Mrs Capulet come and take your kids away. SB has a surplus of whiny kids, we don’t need anymore.

  7. Roo's Nose Avatar
    Roo’s Nose

    Fair dinkim PeterKevin. I’d say you’re on the ball there. Brax’ll be back in a couple of weeks with a big old grin and slightly paler complection thanks to alll the Cailini who loved him and kept him happy in the Emerald Isle.

  8. coppertop Avatar

    and they’ll say “Where were ya Brax?” and he’ll probably reply “Up the coast mate” or “In the city”.
    PeterKevin the whiney childer are drivin’ me mad. They all need a dose of cop on.

  9. PeterKevin Avatar

    I hope the Brax met a nice few shelias on his visit to here. He was probably very lonely, given the storylines he’s been getting in SB.

    Not for the 1st time I say, Poor Sid. He decides to have a breakdown and who does he get to talk to ? Some dreary gut in a suit! Was Nat not available that day or something? Doesn’t Sid know that she’s the lady to talk to about all your problems and who knows, she may have helped him with her , ahem, bedside manner??

    Meningitis Maddy and your man. Please can you leave now? I’m beyond boredom with ye. Do Havey and Roo actually work anymore? They seem to spend their time on Runaway watch or on the Internet. Maybe Alf’s money hasn’t run out yet.

    “You’ve got a phone. Use it” Kyle 1. Hopeless Case and Tedious Tamara 0.


  10. Katherine Avatar

    I too wish there had been a fireball behind Brax. Would’ve been amazing.

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