Kid kidnapped

I reckon Heath’s most used phrase is “What are you talking about?” Brax is helping him look for Darcy who’se been kidnapped from school. Who took her? If was only Adam, newly out of jail. The justice system in summer bay leaves a lot to be desired. He and Brax went to an indsutrial park waiting for Adam to turn up, Heath suggested smashing things up while they waited but his bro advised against it, the killjoy. They met Adam and he did his usual, a job offer involving dodgy dealings.

Maddie and Spencer are doing a good Romeo and Juliet impression, star crossed lovers whose families are coming between them. Won’t be long before the parents turn up I suppose. Harvey wants them to ring their parents but Roo wants to let them be. Roo’ll get her way, no doubt. Maddie still isn’t well and has a fever now so had to be taken to hospital. That might alert her parents.

Sid is very down in the dumps these days. He doesn’t feel needed by his familiy anymore. He can’t be far from the ditch with the way he’s carrying on. He wasn’t full of sympathy when Romeo got sacked, and flew off the handle at all the kids despite the fact they bought tea and biccies.

Romeo got sacked, so he’s back on the scratch. Maybe he’ll restart the surf school?





3 responses to “Kid kidnapped”

  1. Cantstandxavier Avatar

    What the hell is wrong with Sid? No need for that carry on, can the man ever be happy. Although listening to indi et al rabbiting on about crap all day would drive anyone to the ditch.
    Romeo could be the next sports coach in summer bay high despite the fact he never managed his own HSC.

  2. PeterKevin Avatar

    I’ve great sympathy for Sid. If you had to listen to his sometimes deluded offspring and their partners rabbiting on about crap all day, it would drive you to the ditch quicksmart. Not to mention the fact that I’ve never seen any of them give him a few bob for the cost of keeping them in the style to which they have become accustomed. “You’ll get another job Romeo” bleats Indi. Yeah right, doing what exactly? Maybe he could go back and do his HSC with Casey. They’re both pretty dim so it might take them a few years and thus keep SB High busy for long time.

    The Braxtons are deadly.Oi.Dodgy deals.Oi.Luxury underground carparks.( Why didn’t Maddy & your man move in there?)Oi.Check shirt.Oi.Brax taking a bullet for his bro.Oi. Class work Darryl, class work indeed.

    Maddy and your man. Yawn.

  3. coppertop Avatar

    Maddy and your man is right. Will they ever move on?!

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