Divorces and discoveries

Heath and Bianca are united in their desire to build a life with Darcy. Bianca was reluctant initially but as it the usual way in the bay, changed her mind after five minutes. She thought that their chances would be better if she got a divorce from her husband Liam. He was vexed by this, for some reason, it’s a long time since they were together.

His day didn’t get any better when Kyle became the latest Brax bro to work in Angelo’s. Liam questioned his work ethic and wondered if he’d do proper shifts or Heath shifts. Despite Liam’s scepticism Kyle put in a trojan effort and booked in a party for dinner. He’s got Liam onside now, will he be able to do the same with Brax?

Celia revealed that the mysterious thief in the diner was none other than herself. Who knew? Not Alf anyway, he thought it was some fella that she was covering for. Alas that wasn’t the case, his sister has light fingers. He’d better watch out, she’ll be robbing the worms from the bait shop next.

Roo was distraught to discover the runaways ran away. Fear not Ruth, they’ll return as the age profile of the cast is getting a bit older than usual at the moment.





2 responses to “Divorces and discoveries”

  1. PeterKevin Avatar

    Brax is the new Leah. Evidence?

    1. He came to Angelo’s and took The Books. Remind you of anyone ? No business in SB has computerised accounts.
    2. He gave Heath The Talk about being a good parent.
    3. He invented a job for Kyle even when there really wasn’t one.
    Brax is a legend.

    Loving super Kyle and all the extra business he drums up. The punters are probably shocked to find him there smiling instead of Sulky Casey who’d put you off your tapas.

    Loving Heath/Beeyanka and Darce as a proper family. Delighted that she’s divorcing Liam too. They must have been married for all of 5 mins so it should be a quickie divorce too.

    Summer Bay runaways ? ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ

  2. coppertop Avatar

    “put you off your tapas” – feckin brilliant PeterKevin.

    The Summer Bay Tiny Cough Runaways and moody Tamara are just plain annoying. I wish they’d rack off.

    The Intense unblinking good Dr. Walker is gone into an awful decline. Poor fella and nare a mention of the physio. That was a story-line that went nowhere.

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