Celia’s a klepto-gamblo

Celia is a smart one: nicking money, blowing it on the pokies, making a fortune and returning the cash. She bought everyone presents, and now Alfred is most suspicious.

Romeo is wise to Jett’s love for Indi. Jett is quite the crafty beau, he smeared lipstick on Romeo’s collar in the hopes of causing a marital rift.

Casey is going to be Top Dog in that prison any minute now; he flushed yer man’s gear and then went all intense around the eyes. CASEYSTAREPOWER!

As there’s a prison storyline, I feel the need to include this:


One response to “Celia’s a klepto-gamblo”

  1. coppertop Avatar

    Casey must’ve gotten stare tips off of the great Doc Walker before he went to prison.

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