Job opportunities

Spencer and Maddy were so desperate for somewhere warm and safe that they broke into the school. Before long they’ll be mitching off school. While there Maddy showed her mean violin skills. Maybe they should go busking, that would earn them a fortune. Alternatively, they could rely on Roo’s generosity to put them up in a van.

Celia is now working for Alf in the caravan park and wants to become its guest relations manager. All these years and they didn’t realise what they were missing. Not only will she clean the place up but she’ll also enforce a strict moral code among the guests, no kissing or fondling allowed, which doesn’t sound like much crack. Will gambling be allowed?

Liam and Brax are concocting a plan to get back at Adam. They staged a firing incident in front of Adam. He bought it and encouraged Liam to take a job working for him rather than going on the dole. Poor simpleton/psycho Jamie was accosted by a vigilante posse of Kyle and Heath. Jamie ran back to Adam and spilled his guts, saying they should leave town, a proposal which didn’t go down well with his dad. He fell for Heath’s ruse and overheard Brax and Liam using a fake safe house location for Leah as bait. The dupe fell right into the trap and turned around up in the empty house to find himself face to face with his worst nightmare, Kyle “he’s off his head” Braxton.





9 responses to “Job opportunities”

  1. Cantstandxavier Avatar

    Your one is coughing too much there’s a storyline there. Dr Sid beckons..

  2. Summer_Babe Avatar

    Who’s your one? Celia?
    Is Kyle going to beat Jamie up or what? Sounds like he’s in for a hiding. I didn’t like the look on Kyle’s face when he came upon Jamie in the house…

  3. Summer_Babe Avatar

    Oh sorry, you mean the blonde one, Maddy?
    I’d say she’s got bronchitis or something from all those nights sleeping rough! Dr Sid to the rescue for sure!

  4. Ailsa Avatar

    She probably has TB or something ridiculous. Sleeping outdoors in boats will do that for you.

    Looks like Celia likes gambling. She should meet up with Ma Braxton and they could play the pokies together.

    I am loving Kyle’s extreme anger that The Boize haven’t welcomed him with open arms. He did try to kill Casey about a month ago.

  5. Colleen's Passion Pit CD Avatar

    I reckon The Boize (which I’ve just noticed contains the word ‘Oi’, which is very apt) should totally welcome Kyle with open arms. He’s a much better River Boy than Casey who’s always whining about what to do with his life. Kyle just wants to punch people. Deadly.

    In other news, Passion Pit have a new album out. The staff at the diner must be only delirah that they have something new to listen to.

  6. Cantstandxavier Avatar

    Yes maddie. I’m going with pneumonia and she’ll be whisked into summer bay general and blurt out the real reason they’re on the run..
    Celia is grating anyone who can annoy Marilyn is a super headwreck.
    Kyle needs to buff up under those layers he’s a while to go yet before he lives up to blood and sand

  7. Justice Bellingham Avatar
    Justice Bellingham

    OMG! I remember them all from that montage xcept Sugar. Who was she?

  8. Summer_Babe Avatar

    I wasn’t allowed to watch Home and Away when I was younger and I hardly recognise any of those characters… I feel so deprived 🙁

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