Boize Night

It was Casey’s last night in the Bay as a free man (maybe), so the Brothers Braxton decided to show him a good time. By getting pizzas, cans, and playing video games all night, followed by an early morning, tatts-out swim. Then Brax got the call that the verdict was in…

Romeo and Dex had their own, less raucous, boys’ night down the hospital. Romeo made up an unlikely story, but the Walkers and April bought it. The doc couldn’t find the cause of Dex’s seizure, so that’s that, until Sid and Indi find out and go bananas.

Bianca went to visit Rocco’s grave. Shortly afterwards, Irene asked her, “Will you be ok now, girlie, bub, gawd save Ireland?”. Expecting some speedy grief resolution there, Irene.





4 responses to “Boize Night”

  1. Bazza Avatar

    Romeo has got to be simultaneously the best and worst liar on the planet

  2. Bazza Avatar

    Also just wondering, can anyone think of an occasion in the bay where a lie has gone undetected?

  3. Scruffy the Dog Avatar
    Scruffy the Dog

    Remember when Roo first came along and then she was after all of that money that Xavier had and Gina gave it to her because she said that “Hugo and Martha needed it”, but it seemed like she was in a lot of debt and just wanted it for herself. That was never mentioned again!

  4. Ailsa Avatar

    Hmmm maybe she’s using it on the wedding along with Alf’s donation…

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