Wedding blues

Harvey has no friends and no best man.  Not surprised, he’s boring, annoying and irritable.  No doubt he’ll end up asking Alf to do the honours.

Neil had taken Indi hostage but Sid came to the rescue, clamping Neil in an arm lock.  Neil claimed innocence when the cops turned up but they carted him away.  In typical YCPD fashion, they released him ten minutes later so he’s free to harass Lisa and Indi again. Sid put Lisa into a hotel but she subsequently rang Neil to tell him that she’s ready to come home.  What’s her problem?

Dex is not well.  The stress of the hostage situation got to him and he went to bed early, only to get up in a fever and collapse in the kitchen during the night.  His brain must still be recovering from the after effects of his injury, I hope he hasn’t suffered one of these.





5 responses to “Wedding blues”

  1. Strikemeroan Avatar

    HAHAHHAHAHAH I’d forgotten about that vid! Oh, Hugo

  2. Schoolie Avatar

    I wish they’d hurry up and get married, snooze to that storyline! Loving Marilyn’s hair down – that woman can do no wrong

  3. Ailsa Avatar

    She has amazing hair is right

  4. coppertop Avatar

    I hope Marilyn gets drunk again soon- maybe at the wedding if it ever happens. She is great craic when she is drunk. Hungover Marilyn is hilarious too.

  5. strikemeroan Avatar

    Marilyn + alcohol = delightful

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