First things first, Rhys is in Raw?

Eh…is that Rhys Sutherland in the ads for RTE’s Raw? How did that come about? Is he Aussie (Aussie Aussie) in the show? Is he very very angry in the show? What mad twist of fate is this? And will all of his Summer Bay buds be coming over to visit him?

rhys sutherland rte


That has just blown my mind.

Right, anyway, in today’s episode…Sid’s grand after his minor bashing, Casey and Sasha are love’s young dream, and Tamara the real person showed up. She hit Casey a box for having another woman on the go. Feisty.

The whole Kyle aspect of the Casey storyline is very confusing to me. Why did Kyle go to the Bay with The Boize? Why is he helping them? Isn’t he worried he’ll be done for attempted murder?





9 responses to “First things first, Rhys is in Raw?”

  1. Justice Bellingham Avatar
    Justice Bellingham

    I like Kyle. He’s my second favourite Braxton brother. He just wants to be loved.

  2. PeterKevin Avatar

    Who the hell is Tamara and why did she bash Casey? I missed some of the desert stuff.

    Why did the policeman say that Natalie was a witness in Casey’s trial?

    I loved Indi giving Lisa a hard time and nearly driving her away from Sid completely. Given all the crap that Sid has put up with from Indi and her lovelife/marriages/loans/debts/Uni problems, not to mention putting a roof over her and Romeo’s head for god knows how long, all her sudden concern for “the family” is a bit rich.

    Kyle is a bit of a clown. He doesn’t quite have what it takes to be a Riverboy.

  3. strikemeroan Avatar

    I still think Kyle is just Stu in a different outfit. They should set Sasha on him.

    PeterKevin, Tamara was this mystery woman who came to help Casey in the desert after he broke free from Kyle’s kidnapping. Nobody else saw her so they assumed Case hallucinated her in his dire straits. But she is real, as evidenced by the very real bruise she’s left on Casey’s face.
    Natalie is a witness cos she went with Brax to the desert to rescue Casey, and heard Kyle admitting to kidnapping him etc.

    The Kyle storyline generally is getting pretty confusing alright. Don’t get how he’s just living in the house like its NBD. The only thing he has to gain is ‘family’ and he hates all of them, so I Don’t Get It. Wasn’t it indicated a few eps ago that he knows some Dark Secret about Natalie tho? Maybe there’s more to be revealed….

  4. Anthony McEvoy Avatar
    Anthony McEvoy

    G’day…just letting you know I’ll be entering the Bay in the coming months as a cousing of the ‘Braxton’ Boys. I obviously cant say too much but I’ll cause a stir in the Bay for a famous resident…

  5. Ailsa Avatar

    G’day there Anthony and any proof? A photo of you down the Bay perhaps? 😉

  6. Yabbie Creeker Avatar
    Yabbie Creeker

    Going with how popular/hot the Braxtons boys are, well apart from Danny the Dog, do you not think the casting staff could have found a more believable looking braxton.. Kyle has the look of a thumb, which is never really a good look.
    Had to rewind Raw to make sure it was Rhys, here’s hoping he brings some of the Sutherland Rage with him.

  7. coppertop Avatar

    I have never watched an episode of Raw until the other night when Rhys appeared to do a spot of fishing in Ireland. No sign of his Sutherland rage.

  8. guest Avatar

    Kyle isn’t a riverboy his a Braxton i think people need to learn what a riverboy is.

  9. guest Avatar

    i think the only reason Kyle went with them in the first place was cause he knew they wouldn’t leave without him so he just agreed to go with them. by the sounds of it he wanted to get to know his brothers but resents Casey for shooting his Dad and resents he paid his brothers more attention then him well Brax and Casey not Heath. Kyle seems so angry and bitter and blames his brothers but really he should be blaming his Dad.

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