Dex is back to his best

It’s great to have the old Dex back. He’s cracking jokes and asking for group hugs. Lisa is very impressed with his progress. Maybe himself and April will move out again once she’s finished her HSE. They are a cute couple in fairness.

Adam kicked Liam out of the party after finding him snooping around the house. Liam found a photo of Leah and Veej that Jamie had photoshopped and robbed. Leah flipped when she saw it but still doesn’t want to get the cops involved.

Liam and Heath have joined forces to free Bianca from Adam’s clutches. Her brain is gone missing due to grief and drugs, she thinks staying in Adam’s place is a great idea and won’t listen to Liam or Heath. Even April and Irene can’t get through to her. Where’s Brax in all of this? He seems to have gone missing while Adam is running amok.

Sid and Lisa are getting on well now she’s living in the farm but her psycho ex isn’t taking it well. He ambushed Sid outside the farm and bashed him to the ground. I hope Lisa has scarpered before he catches up with her.





5 responses to “Dex is back to his best”

  1. Ailsa Avatar

    I don’t get why Leah didn’t go straight to Watson when she saw the photoshopped picture. Especially after Jamie wrecked the diner.

  2. strikemeroan Avatar

    Yeah, considering how prominent YCPD are in the Bay, the residents seem surprisingly unwilling to go to them when victims of crime.

  3. PeterKevin Avatar

    Maybe its because Jamie isn’t your ordinary crimmo, he’s Adam’s son and Adam seems to have all of SB , including Brax , in his pocket.

    Those were the days when you could go to YCPD and Charlie would investigate the crime ( for all of 5 mins) and then lose the evidence if necessary. Happy times.

    I’m sure I’ve asked this before, but where is Dex and Indi’s Ma supposed to be ? Why has she never come to see her son despite his brush with death?

  4. Ailsa Avatar

    Ah, if Jack were around, he would have sorted Adam and Jamie out. Or maybe he just would be in the diner telling everyone police business.

    Not sure about Dex and Indi’s ma. They used to phone her the odd time but seem to have forgotten her. Sid was speaking to her on the phone around the time of Dex’s accident.

    Sasha has forgotten her wee brother as well.

    Also, why has everyone forgotten Ruby, who tried to kill Indi and nearly killed Dex? They are far too forgiving.

  5. strikemeroan Avatar

    Did Ruby go to jail? I’ve already forgotten. Maybe she and Casey can rekindle their romance there. Though Sasha would wallop her if that happened..

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